I grew up in Houma Louisiana for most of my life with a family who grew up in the bayou so snake bites and scars weren’t uncommon in our house but something that has stuck with Me throughout my life is this... near death experience I was out hunting with my dog django looking for squirrels so I loaded up in my 2002 ford and drove towards the woods just off of the old Spanish  road trail  and started off getting out django’s leash and starting off I shot a few squirrels django going after them as soon as they fell out the trees and I had made it about 1 miles in the woods when i noticed the the sun was starting to go down so I started to set up my camp  thankfully I was in an area were they had a good breeze bad for squirrels but good to keep mosquitoes away from you so after a while I start cleaning 2 of the 4 squirrels that I had one for me and one for django and put the parts that were bad in a bucket and go through it out when I was done eating  so I started putting them on the open fire and started to set up my tent when the swamp had gone quiet no bugs not birds no wind I had stopped and grabbed my 22 caliber swizz pistol that I used for protection and aimed it at the sky and shot now most animals are scared of loud noises and so if their was any predator in the area it would sure run away and after a while the swamp came back to life so I knew that whatever it was, was gone faster forward to that night I was texting my then girlfriend now fiancé When django scratches at the tent to be let in so I let him in and deside to go to sleep and tell my girlfriend goodnight I try to sleep after tossing turning I the swamp went slient again and then I started hearing bipedal foot steps starting to walk towards the part of my camp were earlier I was cleaning the squirrels and I had released that I had forget to dump the parts of the squirrels and then I heard the bucket get tilted so I sat up and looked and saw an animal the looked like a wolf on four legs ripping into the pieces of discarded squirrel thinking it was a coyote for some stupid reason I grab my swizz and unzipped the tent and before I could do anything django flew out and jumped on the creatures back and started fighting it so I hurry up and jump out and notice that this thing was way bigger than I thought and saw that it was bigger than I was I am 6 ft5 and at the time I was a Tight End for H L Bourgeois High school and this thing had was on standing up clawing at it’s back trying to get my dog of it and had a good 2 feet on me so i aimed my pistol at the thing and opened fire on its stomach and chest and it yelped and reached on its back taking django throwing him against a tree and then looked at me and growled a low gutter growl  and I now had a good look at it black fur was patches missing it was bleeding from its stomach most likely were the bullets hit it it’s eyes glowed a reddish orange color I charged me tackling me to the ground and went straight towards my neck I put my arm without the gun in the way it bite on to my arm and it squeezed and shook its head me stunned by being tackled and now having my armed being ripped to shreds was prepared to die when django once again jumped on the thing and started biting at the back of its neck  it roared and screeched at the same time as soon as my arm was free I race back towards my tent and grabbed my 12 gauge that I had brought mainly to hunt squirrels but know to kill this damn thing and ran back out to just in time to see things claws impale django’s and see my beloved dog go limp me now filled with rage and pain from my wound aimed the 12 gauge at its head and fired all four shots each one hitting and instead of it charging it started running away so i grabbed my pistol and started shooting at it until before it reached to wood line it fell and then got back up and looked at me but this time instead of two reddish orange eyes I saw one and then it ran into the swamp for I couple of seconds I stood there shocked and then I went go towards my dog I checked his pulse and he was still alive so I picked him up grabbed my guns and my phone dialed 911 and started running towards my truck the usual 1 hour walking turned into a 30 minutes of none stop run when I arrived at my truck the cops were there waiting as well as an animal medical van I let them take a django into the van while I talked to the police and when I told them what happened the oldest looking cop who looked around 50 looked at me with a worried look and said come show us your camp site so me basically rushing to show them were the camp site was when we got there that thing was there ripping through my tent the oldest officer stopped and covered his mouth and other gasped which quickly caught it’s attention and it looked at us a roared and charged by this time with three pistols shooting at it I quickly ran off and we quickly pack up what wasn’t ripped to shreds and leaving when we got back to the truck and cars the van was gone and a note saying that they went to the emergency vet before we got on our way the oldest cop looked at me and said in a sad almost teared up voice son please never come back hear and I swore that I wouldn’t and for the past 6 years and for those wondering django lived for a Day before dieing to blood loss and infection and it enrages me to think that I hadn’t been stupid and didn’t go hunting or if I would have gotten rid of those parts django would still be alive 
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