This story took place two years ago, when I was 14. Me and my cousin were planning to go on a trip to a forest nearby, like we usually do in the summer. The trip was going well for a while, at 11 PM we were standing on a cliff from where the view was great for taking pictures.

We stayed around for two hours and at 1 AM we were making our way toward the City. At first, I was happy because the trip was great, but about two seconds later I was overwhelmed by the feeling that someone or something was watching us.

I brused it of because I usually was paranoid and I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Another 20 minutes have passed and suddenly my cousin stopped. He turned around, pale as a ghost and said, "Did you see that?"
And I, being foolish I thought he was joking, but the look in his face was telling me that he was serious.

My cousin is 6ft 7in and I never seen him scared by anything, but now he was shivering. We sat there in silence for a moment, until we suddenly heard a brench snapping on our right. When I moved the flashlight toward the direction that the sound was coming from... I froze!

Standing next to a tree, like it was trying to hide itself from us, stood a creature that was over 8ft tall. It's body was slim but athletic, his eyes were big and they were shining orange/yellow, the legs were bent backwards, his flesh was rotting leaving out three ribs and his unnaturally long hands were thin and they were ending on five sharp clows.

The most horrible thing about it was the head, it looked like a deer skull but it was almost skinless. We stared at each other for what seemed like a eternity, until it spoke, it said "come here, I just want to talk with you."

I am a bass singer, but the voice of this creature was a lot lower than mine and it was so raspy like he was a 60 year old smoker.
We ran as fast as we could towards the exit from the forest. I was fat, but the adrenaline and fear boosted me. After 2 miles of running we left the forest, we fell on the ground from exhaustion.

After we chatched our breath we heard the most devilish scream coming from the edge of the woods. Despite the fact that the creature had a low voice his scream was like a cat and a woman were screaming from the top of their lungs.

We ran and ran, until we were able to make our way home. When we entered we locked all the doors and windows. I never seen anything like that after that incident. I have been in these woods a lot of time since, but I never seen it again.
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