October 31st 2015, Halloween Night:
It was around 10:00pm or so, my friends and I who were all sophomores in high school just finished making a mess of my father's house, an event that we foolishly decided to run away from, not due to any fear of getting in trouble, for we set our sights on a clearing in the woods near my neighborhood. My intention that night was to summon forth a demon by the name of Aamon, a great Marquis of hell who can be found in the Ars Goetia, a grimoire containing the names and means of summoning 72 demons that are often said to be the easiest to work with in magical workings. My conviction for summoning this being? Rather foolish, as all I wanted was for it to show us its presence and stir up some activity for us to record.

Facing the vast woods before me, the brisk air augmenting the shadows cast by the trees on that moonlit Samhain night, I began to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, an occult formula that gives the magician divine authority in whatever esoteric operation (a.k.a spellcasting) they are to perform at that time. Afterwards, I walked up to my three friends (who had formed a triangle around me) and gave them each a piece of paper containing some sort of sigil, creating a space to invite the demon in. And finally, facing the vast woods before me, the brisk air augmenting the shadows cast by the trees on that moonlit Samhain night, I recited an invocation of my own forging to call forth the great Marquis.

After about five minutes of waiting for results to transpire, we decided to leave the clearing and walk back to my house. On our way back, we took a route up a hill that was on the way. Before reaching the hill, I heard three swooshes in the bushes southwest of where I was at the time, and when we got to the hill itself, one of my friends reported feeling a cold sensation on his right side. We tried not to think too much about these occurrences and moved on.

Once we got into my room, I decided to take out my iPhone 5 and attempt a brief EVP session. Upon hitting record, I simply asked "Is there anyone here by the name of Aamon?" When I played back the recording, I heard a deep, disembodied voice recite a long-winded and otherworldly "yeah". Unfortunately, I no longer possess this evidence and cannot prove to anyone that this happened.

Following this experience were a series of two paranormal phenomenon that may or may not be related to it:

Phenomenon 1: I had one of my friends, let's call him Paul, who did not participate in the aforementioned ritual, stay the night at my house. As we were settling in for the night, Paul explained to me that he felt a presence in the room with us and was hearing light knocks on the door. I didn't have the same sense he did, so I wasn't able to perceive any of this myself, but just as he finished explaining it to me, I saw a humanoid shadow in my peripheral vision darting across the wall in front of us. This didn't particularly frighten me, but I was shocked to have seen it. I decided to dismiss it as most likely being a minor hallucination and left it at that.

Phenomenon 2: Long after getting settled in to retreat to the realm of dreams, I was laying in my bed on my right side, hands below my head for support. As I felt myself drifting away from wakefulness, I heard a slow inhale in front of me, and then an abrupt exhale followed by a gust of wind that blew into my face. As I opened my eyes, I was intrigued to see the figure of a little girl in ragged white robes, raven black hair draped over her face, dissipating into thin air.

I am unsure if these phenomenon have anything to do with the ritual I executed, as these both occurred within the span of a year or so afterwards, if memory serves that is. All I know is that I did experience, and when it comes to the occult and other topics of the unknown, I try to take a scientific approach and look to the most logical explanation possible: my first guesses would be hallucinations, placebo effect, or something concerning the collective unconscious or perhaps the subconscious mind, things beyond our full comprehension.

I understand that many who read this tale will not believe it to be true, and I do not expect it to be believed, as I find myself not necessarily being the skeptic, but the occult scientist attempting to figure out the reasoning behind all of this. I don't know if I summoned a demonic entity, or if any of the following experiences were related to my esoteric operation in any way, shape, or form. All I know is that I stared into the abyss and it stared back . . .
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