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I'm a Personal Support Worker working in a retirement home. Ths facility isn't very old, 7 years at most, but with any building where death occurs there are some strange things that happen.

The nursing station has a direct view of the dining room and fireplace room. On night shift you can often find the rocking chairs swinging by themselves, the lamps turning on or off, the dining room doors opening or closing and the dining room chairs being pulled back from the tables.

The second floor is where most of the activity happens. We have multiple residents who claim that there is a little boy who will come visit them at night, sit in their beds and ask them to play. Multiple staff members experience cold spots, hear someone crying or calling for help only to find no one in distress. Growling and strange animalistic sounds are not uncommon.

One room on the second floor has been turned to storage after there were incidents with three different residents. The first one started hearing bangs and strange noises at night. This escalated to her her claiming she was pushed one night when going to the bathroom causing her to break her collarbone. We moved her to a different room when she returned from the hospital. The second was adamant that something was staring at her all night from her bedroom doorway, glowing eyes, guttural sounds, the whole nine yards. After a few months she said she was pulled from her bed by her feet and dragged. No injuries this time, but she ended up moving to a different facility. The third and final resident of that room had alt he same complaints as the others, but one night he was pulled from his bed and the injuries sustained were significant. I happened to be working that night and it truly looked as though something clawed his legs, back, chest, and arms. There was so much blood in the carpet it had to pulled out and replaced. He says something grabbed his feet, pulled him out of bed, dragging him into the living room all while clawing him. Each resident is given a pendant similar to a life alert to push if they need assistance. The pendant for that room still goes off to this day even though it was deactivated years ago.
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