I live on the reservation in Arizona, their always a high respect for our Native American culture from respecting the elders, to nature, and the culture lifestyle between the boy & girl, men & women but times has changed along the way. Nowadays our culture is barely getting by due to high usage of drugs, alcohol, and suicides, I worked on the reservation as an "Immediate Responder" similar to our local tribal police department the only three things we don't go to is gun calls, do traffic stops, or arrest people. We do other calls such as suicide in progress, unresponsive, welfare checks, domestic disputes, assist or call social services when needed, we were the next close thing to P.D. but limited were from time to time we helped P.D. which has one or two officers working on the reservation as first responders is scarce and limited, this goes with fire department and ems. Culture has a big asset to our reservation but that changed when time continued on when "Alternate" Lifestyle became acceptable if you get my drift, not that I have nothing against, also what's "beyond" when your time comes and what did you do with the time that you had. My first year as a Immediate Responder, where different stories was said caught my curiosity but story kept being said about a certain guy who shall be known as "Kevin", Kevin lived the Alternative Lifestyle to the fullest but also is a heavy drinker, when he passed by committing suicide or so the rumors says, he was buried in a wedding gown which his lifestyle is Taboo to our culture but that just added more to his commitment to put it in a polite way. After the service and arrangements been done, Kevin family were home which they heard someone barge into their house, what shocked them that it was Kevin who's breathing and begging for help and didn't want to go back and that they are after him to take him back. The family looked at Kevin who still in his wedding gown that he was buried in but his legs and foots appeared more as a goat legs and hooves, he asked his family to helped him and to hide him before they come to take him back, his mother looked at him then said told him "you choose the lifestyle, you didn't listen when I tried to work with you, all those times I talked to you, not just me but your friends, family members, and those who knows you as a "helpful guy" and being helpful to you by urging you not to continue what you're doing. This is the outcome of the choices that you made, just then a black smoke came that covered Kevin as he started to scream for help and pleading away as the black some disappeared. The house is quiet again but the smell is bad like spoiled meat that's been sitting out too long, as time went on, another story about Kevin occurred again but not at his family house, this time his spirit is roaming the graveyard where he's buried in, people who're walking through the graveyard as a short cut to walk home. They say a guy in a wedding dress will follow you but won't go beyond the fencing of the graveyard, he pleads them when he asks "Can I Go Home With You or Can You Take Me With You?" When they looked down, they only see the bottom of the wedding dress, like he's floating, no hooves or anything. Each time it happens when people walked through the graveyard but now it changed. They say a guy in a wedding gown chases them through the graveyard, shouting that "nobody cares now" strange how a story shifts along with time, time passed where another story been said about that day when Kevin "passed away" he was with a group of people drinking and enjoying a good time, his friends that left him noticed something different, he was more happy then usual but figured it's the alcohol that's making him that way. His friends left to do quick beer run as he stayed behind with a group of people that he didn't know or normally drink with, the rumor goes that the people he stayed behind with are the ones who beat him where he was unconscious then hanged him up in the tree to make it look like he committed suicide. To this day the stories continues but isn't as frequent as before, still a rumor that has a question mark, what did happened? we may never know.
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