Some years ago I opened a convenience store in the front part of my barn. A wall divided the store from the storage. My neighbor, a single woman with five children living at home used the Ouija board to search for her "true love". Her children would come into the store for the free snacks I would give them and a lot of times supper when their mom didn't feel like cooking.

They soon referred to me as "Grandpa" and loved Red. My dog. I had installed a heavy plank door securely locked  between the store part and storage to keep customers from entering.

 One afternoon as the children munched snacks and pet Red. They spoke of the "bad thing" in their house. A thing that pulled covers off at night and tried to pull them out of bed by their feet and did "bad things" to their mother. I wondered if it wasn't just overactive imaginations.

 I usually stayed open until midnight before closing out the register. One evening I was interrupted by a masculine sneeze that came from the storage area. What the hell? There was no way anyone could be in there. Both the outside and inside doors were locked. I went through the locked outside door just in case. 


The next day the children came again and three ponds by a heavy fist on the inside door had me walking them home in the growing dusk. Again. I enter through the outside door and again, nothing. Later that evening a customer came in to buy cigarettes. He was a nickel short, but I gave him the pack anyway. As he left he said "God bless". Immediately it sounded like a heavy metal chair was thrown against the inside door. Scared hell out of the customer. I set up a trail camera to see if I could get a picture. Of the six shots all were blank except one. It looked like a glow stick in front of the door between the storage and store. The pounding continued. Probably because I played a CD of gospel music that ran all night just to piss it off.

Finally, tired of whatever it was scaring my customers, I get some sage and sweetgrass to cleanse the entire building. When I removed the bar that secured the  door, it fell inward. The screw holes for the hinges were rounded out.

I must admit that bothered me, but I cleansed the inside of the place. There was no further problem that night until I let Red out to do her thing. 

I watched from the window to make sure she didn't head for the highway, when suddenly she screamed and turned vicious into the damnedest dogfight I've ever seen against something that I couldn't see. Whatever it was, she chased it out the yard I had no more problems after that. This is a true story with no exaggeration.
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