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Note: If you see a lock icon next to a post/story, that story has been reviewed and/or narrated. This also means you can't comment on that post/story. This is the only way tool we have at the moment to keep track of stories we've read through.


1. NO discussion topics! This place is only for stories. Feel free to discuss stories within the comments of their posts.

2. Stories must be formatted like this:
     - Double Spaced Paragraphs (press enter twice after 3 to 5 sentences)
     - Decent spelling and grammar
     - Do NOT include names of people unless they appear in important events of your story and make an action
     - Do NOT include detailed descriptions of things that don't matter (such as the blueprints to your home)

3. By posting a story here, you're allowing the Darkness Prevails YouTube Channel, the Darkness Prevails Podcast to publish, produce, reproduce, and/or edit your story or post commercially and/or non-commercially in video, audio, visual, and/or written format.

4. Stories that aren't believable (and aren't labelled as Creepypasta) will be deleted. Stories that are just badly written will be deleted.

5. STORIES SHOULD BE SCARY. Do not submit a story just because someone talked to you who seemed creepy. That's not scary - That's just you judging someone's appearance.

Now, if you're ready: 
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BONUS: I will be adding brackets to the titles of peoples' stories to assign them possible themes for future videos/episodes. For example, a story called "Strange Animal Attack" might look like this: "Strange Animal Attack [Werewolf Encounter]".
This will make it easier for me to choose your stories for upcoming scripts.
Do not add your own brackets UNLESS they match the following bracket options word for word. If you cannot find a keyword bracket listed below, message me - DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM BRACKET. 

MODS - Please feel free to add to this list (keep keyword brackets to one or two word phrases if possible).

[Mountain Monster]     [Creepy Person]     [Serial Killer]    [Night Stalker]     [Ghost Encounter]     [Werewolf Encounter]     [Demon Encounter]     [Skinwalker Encounter]     [Wendigo Encounter]     [Mothman Encounter]     [Alien Encounter]     [Unknown Creature]     [Road Trip]     [Ghost Hunting]     [Witchcraft]    [Supernatural Abilities]     [Demonic Possession]     [Middle of Nowhere]        [Camping Story]     [UFO Sighting]     [Home Alone]     [Night Drive]     [Trucker Story]    [Hunting Story]     [Night Shift]        [Security Guard]    [Military Story]     [Haunted House]     [Cursed Object]     [Haunted Forest]     [Urban Exploration]     [Haunted Road]     [Small Town]     [Sea Monster]     [Childhood Memory]    [Nightmare]     [American Folklore]     [European Folklore]     [Native American Folklore]     
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