Hello, I am Hans! Some backstory, I am a guy, tall, and an Ex-Nightshift Security Worker. I live in the Mid-Ohio Valley area in the US, a rather notorious area for bad things to happen in the woods, I have read a lot about Wendigos, my great grandmother being a Cherokee Indian, I had quickly fallen into the legends of things like the Wendigo. This is my recollection of what I believe was an encounter of one about half a year ago. Alright, with that out of the way, onto the story.

     I had gone to my uncle's ranch, a large place, barn, wheat field, and a nice big house, to get away from my mother that day and to stay overnight to stay the next day to help with the horses tomorrow, it was mostly normal, my Uncle and my Cousin who we'll call Alex, who was in his early 20s was out hunting, eventually, it began to get dark, I have a radio to contact the two, they both carry 10 mile radios in their belt and they gave me one that will contact my Uncle. I didn't think anything much of this during the visit, at first.

    For hours I talked with my friends and did housework before it became dark, barely noticed it had become dark when I was talking with my friends, they were on the computer the whole time this start of this encounter happened. Eventually, I noticed something stalking slightly from the brush on the right side of the ranch, close to the barn. At first, I thought it was a deer, I had hunted before and saw the antlers and instantly it clicked to me that it was a deer, how wrong I was.

    I kept an eye on the deer not really knowing if they liked wheat or stuff like that to graze on though, I wasn't an avid hunter though, after all, I was much more of a city person. I noticed it finally move out of the brush, over the fence, and thought I saw a slight white tint to the deer, my mind instantly thought "Albino" trying to think of it logically, trying a bit to ignore the deer. I began telling my friends about it, how it was an albino deer and how cool it kind of is to see. That's when it began to move a bit more into the lights on the ranch.

    At that moment, I realized something was wrong, its body seemed large and dog-like, the body looking rotted a bit, that is when it hit me a single word came to my mind "Wendigo" I realized what it was and kept a watchful eye on it, telling my friends what I was seeing and grabbing my radio when I was talking to them. Getting on the line with my Uncle.

    "Hey, Uncle ____? We got a big deer here, white, seems a bit almost...rotted?" I didn't know if he believed in what I would have said if I just called it a Wendigo, however, I heard him go quiet, my Uncle has slight schizophrenia. Voices and slight things out of the corner of your eye sort of stuff. But I heard him yell for Alex, I had never heard him that serious, at that point he told me he would be back VERY soon.

    During the whole radio conversation, the creature had moved towards the wheat field, and to the other side of the ranch, moving over the adjacent fence and into the brush. I hoped my Uncle would get back before I saw it again, but I was wrong. It came back out of the same side it had left, stalking around a bit, staring at the barn. As much as I would like to confirm those "Red or Yellow eyes" that Wendigos have, I am just glad it never looked at me directly, well, that I saw anyways.

    Eventually, it stalked over to the barn, I hadn't taken my eyes off the thing the entire time, it felt like everything was moving in slow motion as I felt adrenaline finally kick it, however not moving already and keeping my eye on it only gave me a headache, at a point it felt like I was just gonna pass out, however I managed to stay awake as I saw it move over to the barn and begin scratching at the door, later that morning I would find that there were deep gashes in the barn.

    It seemed to get agitated that it couldn't get it, however, left it be after about 30 some seconds of scratching at it, before skulking back into the brush on the right side of the ranch where it had originally come from, seeming to stand up to get over the fence to get to the brush, at that moment, I think it looked at me, I am still unsure, it seemingly disappearing. Around that time, I saw the headlights of my Uncle's truck pulling into the ranch, I let out a sigh of relief as I saw him get out of his truck, rifle in hand as he and Alex came inside, my Uncle, not having much to do in the country other then farm and hunt, was a somewhat avid antique gun collector as well. 

    Once inside, he went upstairs to me, by this moment I was off the computer with my friends, my Uncle took me and Alex to his bedroom, where he had a gun cabinet, he opened it, handing me and Alex two lever action rifles, they looked like they came out of the wild west, handing me some rounds, 45-70 government. If you know about rifle rounds, these are heavy rounds, old, but pack about as much punch as .308 or .338 Lapua, these are the things you hunt big game like Elephants with.

   At that point, my Uncle, Alex, and myself began posting up around the house, making sure all the doors and windows were locked, blinds were shut, the whole nine yards, I stayed on the second floor, with a high powered flashlight that would allow me to see somewhat into the brush, as much as I want to say I saw something at this point, I didn't, however I did go and check up on my Uncle, seeing how he was dealing with Schizophrenia and all that. I heard something that shook me to my core.

   I went downstairs, seeing as the coast was clear and started trying to talk with my Uncle, he cut me off and asked me "Wait, weren't you just outside?" I replied no, I had not been. Then he informed me he just heard me outside asking me to open the back door and come out here that I had found it. 

    I felt my whole body shiver as if something had just put both of its hands on my shoulder and was in the Arctic in fear. The kind of feeling that you are not safe anywhere sort of thing, the rest of the night after also informing Alex about that, was uneventful, I barely got sleep and went home the next morning. It doesn't end there though.

    Two weeks after the event, I got a call, my Uncle and Alex had been in an accident on a road in the boundaries of their ranch when hunting, bodies were maimed, police it was probably a black bear, but I am not so sure, I saw the photos, black bears are common in the area, but black bears don't string guts, they eat, and then they leave. I still miss them, Alex was like a brother to me most of my life and, something about how he died was just off to me, might be denial sitting with me, but I don't know.

    That is all I have to my story, I got a couple of nightshift ones and a few paranormal I am debating putting up here, but I am unsure, to say the least.

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Hans Friedrich
This is just a note, I have known about Darkness Prevails and watched the channel's videos for about a year or so now, I have been pushed by a my friends to post my story here, for a while I have been working up the courage to come and speak about this story, it feels good to get it off my chest and to have other people who also have similar situations have happened to them with an amazing channel reading the stories sometimes, some of them really give me chills, if you read this DP, I hope you have a wonderful day!
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