This is a short but freaky experience that happened at my local park. I live in a small, developing town that has a fairly large public park with a lot of forest trails. There's usually at least 10 other people there whenever I go, but it was around 9 pm when this story occurred, so the park was mostly empty. We had been heading back to the car to head home. I ran to get a head start in front of my two friends. They decided kept walking fairly slow and lost track of where I had gone, so once I got to the front, I was alone for another 5 minutes or so. I thought it would be funny to mess around with them a bit and hid on the other side of the public bathrooms. As I sat there, a man in an old beat up car pulls up and parks in an empty spot about 20 feet away from me. He comes over and starts trying to chat me up. "What are you doing sitting out here? You bored?" he asked. My heart instantly sank and I pulled the "I'm waiting for my mom to come. She's almost here." He laughed a bit and said something else, but I don't remember exactly what. It was all small talk, and then he went to go to the restroom. These restrooms were loud and echoey, so you could hear if someone was doing their business or turning on the sink. This man went in and it was silent as he sat there for a few minutes. When he went in I called my friends silently on my phone and tried whispering to them to hurry up. It took another few minutes for them to find me, and during this time, the man came out and headed to his car. He got into the driver's seat, turned it on and sat there watching me. My friends were cutting across the grass, which you could see from where he was parked. He then pulled out and left and I ran over to my friends, freaked out. It doesn't seem that scary, and it was a quick experience, but I wonder what may have happened if I wasn't able to get ahold of my friends.
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