So I had a fairly normal life up until I was 14. My dad got very bad into drugs and got into a relationship with a girl we will just call her ‘Beth”. This girl was only about 6 years older than me which seemed weird to me. My siblings liked her but I always had a bad feeling about her. Sometimes I would go to the living room where she would be sitting over my dad singing. I never really thought anything of it until she had a knife. I called the police and they arrested her, as they were taking her out of the house she said to me “you just wait, I’ve never liked you, I was going to kill your father and then you’d be next.” but that was not the end. 3 years pass and she apparently got out of jail, I had just gotten my license and bought a brand new car. I was driving to work when all the sudden this crazy person starts driving right at me and swerving trying to push me off the road. I luckily got out of it by taking the next turn I saw. Fast forward a few weeks and it Halloween night, I was home alone and I made sure all the doors were lock and all the windows too. I heard a car outside, I live about 30 miles from any towns or highways so this was unusual. We have our own driveway that is about 5 miles from the actual road so for someone to be close enough for me to hear the car was what scared me. I looked outside and no one was there but I did see a far away silhouette of a car. I figured it was just someone using our driveway to turn around so I went to my room and started reading a book. I heard a really loud banging and my car alarm started, I looked outside and it was Beth, she was running to her car and trying her hardest to not be seen. I called the police and they couldn’t find her, to this day they never have. The damage on my car was horrible but the worst part was when I walked outside and a pig head fell from above me. On my windshield there was a letter saying “call the pigs on me again, see what happens” this only scares me because no body knows where she is, the police found her car about 8 miles from my house but she is no where to be found. As of now, I am terrified of when and where we will meat next. All I have to say is, watch out because I always look over my shoulders and I now carry. 
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