By scarolina

I'm a male and I used to work as a Juvenile Probation Officer for a southern state in the United States. As you can imagine, working in juvenile justice can be very unsettling. Some of these kids needed some help and some needed intensive help. Then there were those that were monsters in the making. One kid I met in the latter category was a kid I'll call Tony (which is not his real name).

Tony was put on probation for year on a drug charge for simple possession and fighting in school. He seemed like a nice enough kid- quiet, very polite, always kept curfew, did great in school, kept all of his probation appointments, most of his teachers really liked him, and other than the drug charge and fighting incident, he had no record. He was a model probationee.

About three months prior to him finishing probation, he came in for a drug test, and unfortunately, he failed the drug test. Even though I liked Tony, I told him that the drug test meant I had to file a Violation of Probation or V.O.P. charge against him. He begged me not to file the V.O.P. charge, but I basically told him, he failed the test, so I had to file the charge.

That was when the **it hit the fan so to speak. He starts mumbling something under his breath. I said "Tony, if you have something to say, speak up" or something to that effect. So he says "ABC 987" and I said "what?". "ABC 987" was his reply. I said "I don't know what that means, what does that mean?" "ABC 987" in a lower, more menacing tone with a very creepy grin coming across his face. Then it hit me, Tony was repeating my license plate number. Everytime I'd gone to Tony's house or to his school, I was always in a state vehicle. And to my knowledge, he'd never seen me getting in or out of my car and there were several cars parked in the parking area belonging to the building I worked in, because it shared a parking area with about three other medium-sized office buildings.

The look on my face must have told him that I knew what "ABC 987" meant because his eyes lit up and his smile became even more creepy. As an aside, I've had to deal with some insane kids- kids that made plans to kill others, a kid that liked to drink animal blood, kids that raped people, I even did an initial assessment on a kid that was planning on doing a school massacre and filming it for the internet. Nothing creeped me out as much as that smile did at that moment.

I will be the first to admit, that all professionalism went out the door at that moment and I started yelling obscenities galore at him. My boss came in and had Tony escorted out and talked to me. After I told her about him telling me my license plate number, she decided to file an additional charge of making threats to a public official against Tony as well because it was clear to her what he was doing.

I testified at the hearing about a month later (and yes, he was not locked up during that time, so I was fearful that something was going to happen). The judge sentenced him to an inpatient psychiatric hospital for an evaluation to be followed by another hearing and further recommendations based on the evaluation.

Right before he got out of the psychiatric hospital, I transferred to another department with the state. However, I heard that right before he left the hospital, the found a list in his room with the judge's name, then my name, then his public defender's name, the prosecutor's name and some teachers' and students' names with the words ALTAR SACRIFICE written on the page. Needless to say, at the hearing, which I was permitted to attend (normally juvenile hearings are closed to the public), the psychiatrist that prepared Tony's evaluation recommended that he be sentenced to the state hospital for an extended period of time, which the judge agreed with.

I hope Tony was able to get the help that he needed, and I hope that he turned out alright, but one thing it taught me, is that sometimes, even a monster can hide in plain sight and under the guise of innocence and that the most horrible and creepiest monsters out there are human beings.
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