My dad, my youngest  brother, and I were driving to Fishlake National Forest to meet my middle little brother at Boy Scout summer camp. I would have gone earlier in the week because I am a Troop member, but I had high school sports to prepare for that fell on the same week of the summer camp. On the drive up, I noticed destroyed and abandoned houses and buildings, but I thought nothing of it.

When we finished driving up, it was late in the afternoon, so we met with my brother, then we got situated and went to bed. Night fell and I settled down in my hammock close to my dad and brother's tent and drifted off. I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night to a large thud sound. Disgruntled, I looked up and around. Then another thud. Confused, I kept looking around trying to see what was going on. Thud. Thud. Thud. The thuds continued almost in rhythm. Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced out to the road and saw a figure, but it wasn't normal.

It's silhouette in the moonlight stood about 9 feet tall. It's limbs were skinny and long. It's ribs were visible and it appeared that it had never eaten, yet still survived. The thuds were its footsteps sounding across the gravel road. I was in awe. I had never seen something that unnatural before. Suddenly, my headlamp that was inside my hammock pocket fell out and onto a rock. Though the sound wasn't that loud, to me it sounded like I had just shot a gun. The thuds suddenly stopped.

Then, the creature, who was almost out of my field of vision, turned it's head toward me. I froze, hoping it wouldn't see me. As the thing stared in my direction, I started to hear voices. Whispers to be exact. They sounded like my family and friends calling out my name. I don't want my real name out on the internet because of privacy reasons, so I will use a substitute name instead. "Jack" all these voices called softly. I didn't move. "Jack" these voices repeated louder.

I recognized the voices - my parents, my brothers, my best friend, my cousins, my classmates -  and they sounded like they were coming from everywhere. "JACK!" finally the voices screamed.

I still refused to move. I saw that the thing's gaze was still fixed on me. It's orange-red eyes stared back at me. Tears streamed down my face because of how scared I was, but I did not make a sound and did not move. Suddenly, the voices stopped and the thing turned away. It continued thudding down the road until it left my field of view. But just as I saw it leave my sight, it seemed to go down on all fours and change it's body shape. I stayed awake until the sun rose. My dad woke up a little bit after and he noticed that I was awake.

Suddenly he asked: "Hey, did you hear thudding last night?" Out of fear of being seen as crazy, I lied. "No." I replied. "I slept the entire night." Lucky for me, this was the day we left. I don't think I could have handled another night.

Before we left, though, I heard the owner of the area in which we were camping talking with my Scoutmaster. I heard him mention something about how he found a full grown male bear mauled and partially eaten in the woods near his house and how he had no idea how anything could have done that. Terrified, I rushed my family out of the campsite, and I don't want to ever go back.

Every word of this story is true, now it is up to you to decide if you want to believe it or not, but heed this advice - if you ever go to Fishlake National Forest, be careful and silent during the night, otherwise something may hear you that you don't want too.
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Oh my gosh thank you so much! I still can't believe that this horrifying encounter was feature on a video! It still gives me chills thinking about it. Anyway, thanks Darkness Prevails. It means a lot. 
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