For a little background I live in WV so basically everything is up or down. My house is situated on a hillside. The front yard goes upward to the road and once you cross it it goes down rather steep into an almost valley until you go back up another hill. Which is covered in woods up it but at the top is a clearing and you can see sort of where the tree line ends from the base. This entire side is my neighbors and they let us use their trampoline (which is at the base). 

I was maybe 12ish at the time. I had a friend over, let’s call her Candace. We had just finished eating some mug treats and watching some witch movie when we decided to go back out on the trampoline. We had been off and on the thing all day. Mostly playing music and occupying my neighbors twin grandkids who were about 5. We were excited because we finally had the trampoline all to ourselves.  

It was dark. We could only see each others face due to our phone screens. I had my back to the woods and Candace was opposite of me. The moon was pretty bright so I could see the top of the hill if I looked at the right spot. It was eerily quiet. Usually the coyotes would be barking and howling but they seemed pretty far off even when we heard the occasional howl. We had fallen into a silence. She was changing the song when I felt the hair on the back of my neck raise. Naturally I turned around scanning my surroundings that I could see due to my eyes having been adjusted to the dark. Then I saw what I thought was a deer at first. Well the silhouette of one. I was sort of in awe. I was this thing which looked like a buck. But then I noticed the other features. The way it held itself on two legs. The way the shape of its head was mangled and looked so so wrong. The antlers too. 

Candace hit my leg as asked me what was wrong. I ignored her and kept staring at the thing. I could tell it was staring at me too. Immediately I stood up and started to usher Candace out of the trampoline so she could get her boots on. When the thing spoke, in my mothers voice, “Dani..”. I practically pushed my friend out of the trampoline and told her to just grab her shoes and run. She did what I asked and started running back toward the road. I stayed behind her making sure she didn’t trip or fall behind. Then it called to me again. Louder  and more demanding this time. Like when your about to get in serious trouble and your mom uses THAT tone. “Danica.” I didn’t even turn, knowing my mom was in the house. We made it inside and Candace looked at me funny. She asked why I did that then brushed me off as being paranoid from  the movie earlier. The rest of the night was uneventful.

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