My family has lived near the Colorado mountains all my life so naturally, we save up all our money to rent a cabin in the mountains before it gets too cold to handle. This year I was about ten and this had become routine, however, this year we had rented a different cabin than usual. This one was miles away from anywhere (naturally).
We arrived in the middle of the day so everyone was busy unpacking for the night and I wandered off. No one really worried too much about me as I mentioned, we had gone to cabins for years and I had never been eaten by a bear before. As a walked, I approached a tall tree line that I could hardly see into. In front of the trees was a couple small, animal carcasses which I don't recall being disturbed by, but that was likely because I didn't have time to react before I heard a deep, faint growl from the trees.
My father had warned me about what to do if I heard a growl out here, he told me to not make too much noise and slowly back away.
Before I had the chance to take a step back, I heard my brothers voice. But it wasn't his voice. It sounded as if someone had been tampering with a recording because it sounded layered and distorted. Also, the things the voice said were off. Like something poorly imitating a human. " Sister, come here, I need help"ect. It was like someone had just learned a foreign language and was throwing in random words. Even at ten years old I knew something was wrong. I backed away slowly just as my father told me to.
The voice huffed like it was frustrated and it became more deep, more twisted, and more disturbing. It called out, "PLEASE. I NEED HELP. IT HURTS" ect. It still sounded like someone poorly acting or someone who didn't understand emotions properly because it was more angry sounding than afraid or hurt. I turned into a full sprint as fast as my little legs could carry me. I heard the voice about halfway towards the cabin but at some point, it just stopped but I must have been too scared to notice. I reached the car where my dad and brother had been unpacking and I didn't say a word.
I never looked for tracks, I never went back to the tree line, I never even left the cabin until it was time to drive home. Five years later I have not told any of my family members. The friends that do know say they believe me 100%.
The only reason I am sharing this story now is because I had another experience two weeks ago.
To keep things short, while I was exploring a woodsy area near my friend's backyard, I heard my brother's familiar voice. " Sister, come here. I need help." My brother is in the air force and has been stationed out of state for two years. My friend, knowing the whole story from five years ago, grabbed my wrist and we both ran back into her house and cleansed the entire house top to bottom.
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