About six months after graduating nursing school, I was working as an RN at a local community hospital on the night shift. Receiving and admitting patients to my unit happened regularly throughout my shift.. One night I received a man from the ED that had been admitted for Altered mental status and hyperglycemia.. The man in his mid thirties was accompanied by his mom arrived on the unit screaming about the End times And he kept repeating the words it burns , you’re all going to burn..we tried to calm him and even administer a sedative to help him calm down but it didn’t work even a little for him.. His mannerisms where odd because he would curl back his lips and roll his tongue around while sticking it out and screaming.. His pupils were notably dilated and gave them the appearance of being black.. He normally walked with a cane but kept jumping steadily to his feet and attempted to leave the unit with a very steady gait..We finally had to restrain him..He spent 5 days on my unit screaming day and night and sleeping in small increments of time..One night while he was sleeping another nurse crept into his room removed the Bible from the bedside table and silently approached the man to place the Bible on him.. The man without opening his eyes said loudly,”Don’t touch me with that”. The nurse was so frightened she ran out of the room.. I prayed for this man the whole time I cared for him. Then on the fifth day He had been sleeping some through the night and he just woke up Alert and completely oriented as if nothing ever happened. The man was back to being pleasant soft spoken and made absolute sense in everything he said.. I still think of this man sometimes and have done a lot of research into possession since but to this day I still can’t completely understand the experience.. For the longest time I worried that something may have followed me home.. I truly believe there is more about this world we don’t understand..This experience changed who I am and I now believe Demons are real..
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