It was late summer and I had been only around the age of 5 or 6, and it was night time. I had decided to go behind my old house (which i had lived in for basically my entire life until recently) when I saw it. The largest wolf you could imagine. Its fur was silvery brownish, and it seemed to stand around 5 foot while walking at shoulder height.

The most notable thing was it eyes. Glowing yellow. Mind you there was no light in my backyard at the time. This wolf had this stench to it. The disgusting tone of decay invaded my senses as it just walked by me.

When I looked at it closer, it had no damn tail, I kid you not. I had ran back to get my mom who was outside, and ran back to find it had disappeared like it was never there. She thought I just had a wild imagination since I was a young kid. Turns out this won't be my only encounter with this paranormal creature.

When I was 13, I had come across a single bare human footprint. It was in the middle of freshly fallen snow nowhere near my house. This is still the same house as the first encounter. This footprint my mom believed to be bigfoot.

I remember looking at her square in the eyes and saying"this is no bigfoot or human. It is much worse. Don't you see that it is only a single print and not followed by others?" I said this with a dead serious tone and fear slightly undertoning it. She thought I was being an imaginative preteen.

A year or so later and I'm 14 and half years old. I wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom. When I walk in, the window was open since it was Midsummer. I hear voices. Male voices, that were jibberish, almost like they were just noises to create sounds that mimics the way of humans.

Then I realise that these voices sounded monotone. Like something mimicking a human conversation. That's when I hear it. CRUNCH.  followed by another, then another. These footsteps get closer and to note something about the land, is that there are trees separating all the properties from each other, and across the road there is around 200 sq. miles of thick state gamelands.

Those footsteps were as heavy as a bear, but with them the "voices" got closer too, as whatever it was started getting closer to me. I forgot about using the bathroom and now I'm trying not run away, and keep listening. That's when I hear it. Silence. Dead silence that you could even the faintest of breathing from 20 feet away.

This thing knew I knew it was there. I run silently to my room to grab my hatchet and a serrated knife that I got for christmas. I sat up all night at my bedroom window staring out it, scared that it would come back.

Around a year later, and I just got home from the store. I'm about to turn 15, and it's a kinda warm fall night. I see what looks like a black dog, sitting right behind the car. The house has a spotlight for the driveway that stays on all night. This dog or whatever it was was staring me dead in the eyes.

The eyes were exactly like the wolf's eyes that I told you about. Glowing yellow. Not reflective but like actually glowing. The dog was sitting in the shadow that the car was creating. Like it was hiding from the light to watch me watch whatever it was.

That's when I noticed what it looked like. It was a very emaciated figure, with glowing yellow eyes, and it was a super dark black color, while sitting on its hind legs. Not like a normal dog, but like sitting with its front legs off the ground.

I got freaked out and since the voices I had heard, I kept my hatchet and serrated knife by the front door incase of an intruder or this happening. Of course mom was putting the groceries away when I saw this thing. And when I told her she didn't believe me like always. She told me it was my imagination running wild again.

I just glared at her and slowly approached the area where the dog creature thing was, I held my hatchet in my hands ready to fight if it tried to attack me. That's when it disappeared. Like it literally sprinted on its freakin' hind legs off towards the fenced off area in my neighbor's yard.

In the months to come I tend to find lots of game tracks around my house. Mainly deer and rabbit. At the time I had 3 cats who hated being out at night. Mind you these tracks were in snow. One evening I had gone to get the mail.

It was around 20 minutes before full darkness so I could still see clearly. I saw these tracks that scared me so much. They were three toed, and were leading away from a spot where it looked like the thing was pacing back and forth. this thing put most of its weight on its toes. I go out with my friends on their hunting trips since they said I'm an excellent tracker. I realised these tracks were no animal I have ever seen before.

I sprinted up a driveway of pure ice that's on a upward slant and literally dove into my house, afraid of the thing that made the tracks since they were made the night before. That night I had the most heart and gut wrenching moment. It was around 2 AM and I heard this noise that sounded like a girl screaming in agonizing terror, but with the undertone of a man wailing in pure agony.

We moved in the May of 2019, and I had turned just 15 and a half the day before moving. This summer was terrifying. Because while I was at a police camp, me and other girls from the cabin I was in, had heard the exact same scream-wail sounds I had heard that agonizingly terrifying night. The other cabin at the same campsite as me and the girl I bunked with, had heard what sounded like something walking on their roof and scratching at their walls and door.

We were all scared of the thing that caused these noises. Me and the girl who heard the screams heard them 2 nights out of the 5 nights there. She got a bloody nose both times and I got so nauseous I had thrown up due to the fear I felt.

Earlier this year I had found out I was part Navajo and Cherokee. That's when I remembered I had heard of something called the Yee Naaldlooshii or Skinwalker in Navajo. I had read about them and my world turned upside down. So now when I go out at night in suburban areas I'm scared, but I feel perfectly normal and fine in the woods.

Now all I know is that I'm being stalked by something that I'm scared that will see me not as a its observer but as a prey and that it will try to attack me. And recently at the new house I had smelt decay strongly and know that it knows where I am. I have also heard things walking around the new house outside, and my door keeps slamming shut.

No there is no draft, or anything that can close the door. And I have also heard something call my name in my mom's voice on 3 occasions now. She had heard me call out for her on 3 occasions when neither of us had. This thing is toying with me and playing with my fear of it. Making me on edge and causing my anxiety to spike.

I am afraid and I'm not scared to say it. These things are real and will screw with your mind. Beware of the unknown things in the dark. This is a real warning for those who live in Central Pennsylvania. This thing is fast and has the possibility of hurting you.

Stay safe and watch out in the woods. My name is Gabbi and I'm a witness of the unnatural. This is a true story of my experiences with this thing. None of this is fake. I was afraid of writing this because I don't want to remember this thing. At all. front yard.png  backyard.png
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