This story happens in Utah. I’ve lived here all my life and know the state pretty well. I had a great friend of mine spending the night. We’ve been friends since about 4th grade. We were both in about 7th or 8th grade at this point in time. 

  To get the events started I’ll try to give you an idea of the kind area we were in.  I lived maybe ten minutes walk away from a common cents, which is a gas station for those who have never heard of it. There was also a school just off the corner from my house at the time. Me and my friend were getting hungry so we looked through the house, but nothing was there that we wanted. 

  We eventually decided to combine some of our allowance money to go to that gas station. We didn’t end up walking by the house were the scary stuff happened on the way there. We walked by a main road to the gas station. The main road was a little behind the school so that was our reason to walk by such a busy road. But it was off like barely any cars when it is basically a highway, but I didn’t think much of it at the time. 

  So we finally get to the gas station it was still a little light out the sun going down behind the mountains. We then decided to sit out side the gas station and snack a little before we walk home. Here’s the part when things start to feel really really weird. I’ve always been pretty good on feeling if something is off. So we’re walking home On a back road path and I was staring  at the sky trying to figure out this feeling of anxiety and almost like a panic feeling with it. 

This is when me and my buddy start noticing this weird star formation shifting around. Like the stars are swapping places. Me and him both mentioned it at the same time. I then asked him “ do you have a really bad feeling too, like something is going to happen?”  To which he replied ”yes”. 

  There was at least 15 shooting stars in the matter of minutes. Which got us feeling even more weird than before. So I was leading us because I knew the area better. He lived closer to plain city where I lived in the house in this area for a few years. So I decided to take a road that would take us right to the school. 

  When we turn on to this road I felt sick to my stomach once I set my eyes on this house. The blinds were open with a sliding glass door so we can see in clear as day. As we get closer we see a lady standing looking in a walk in pantry. She was pail as snow and her hair was messy standing straight up. My friend said we should take a different road but I didn’t wanna walk a longer distance because my legs were already tired. So I said let’s just push on.

  So we keep walking and at about 60 to 50 yards away we didn’t even see her move and our eyes never dropped from the door. She was in the middle of the kitchen looking in our direction. She was perfectly still face unchanging, but when I got a good look it chilled me to my core and I froze for a minute. 

  Her face was so not human. Her jaw more open the humanly possible. Her eyes wide open but no eyes almost like it was just the sockets. Also as dumb as it sounds had black upside down crosses on her face with these popping out black veins. 

  As I rubbed my eyes to make sure I see what I’m seeing the light turns off. I don’t see a silhouette nothing like she just turned to thin air. So we keep walking at around 20 to 30 yards we see the door sliding open and the really long fingers gripping it. Still no silhouette which is the weirdest part of that happening. 

  Me and my buddy then start speeding up our walk speed slightly. As we get near the deck which is around 15 feet high we hear as cliche as it sounds “ I’m gonna kill you!” Screamed at the top of what sounds like a deep woman's voice. Right after we hear a high pitch little girl scream. My head shot around to see her jumping off of the deck landing face first. Then proceed to crawl really fast right at us. 

  We start to sprint full speed dropping whatever snacks we had left. As we get to the corner across the street I turn around to see if it’s still coming, and What I saw was so frightening. I see 3 to 4 tall figure at least 9 feet tall , and worse of all the crawling thing and them start chasing us again. We ran all the way home for around 4 to 5 blocks straight. Ever since that day I’ve never and will never go near that house again 

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I had to write this on my phone so some of the words auto corrected in a none preferable way 
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