This story begins in Newcastle in a not so popular street my name is hamza and I had a terrifying experience with what could only be something beyond human nature so let me just say I am still grieving the loss of my friend, he didn’t deserve what happened to him but let me just tell you so when I was 22 I invited my friend over to play Call Of Duty we always did this on certain days but this time it was traumatic, let me just say I do not believe in the paranormal ok, “I'm gonna go have a cigarette” 

“ok bro” I said not knowing what was about to happen, he left me in the room for ten minutes and I start worrying where is he I thought so I made a move I’ll never forget. I step outside to see he bleeding from the head being dragged to the Forest I scream it runs away I didn't see it.  As for my friend he was bashed over the head cracking the skull not a day goes by I don’t think of him and I think I’m scarred so I’m not gonna go into the Forest.
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