Under the “submit evidence” or whatever that button is, for some reason it’s not giving any way to actually submit a photo.
Not sure if this will make it to you or not but I was in the back of an Uber when I was using snap chat to talk to my friend. A little back story on me, I’m a psychic knower/medium though I’m not very good at either. It’s just something I was born with but never was taught how to use them properly. But anway, I feel things around me all the time so I wasn’t surper surprised to see it but it still startled me a bit. Everyone I show sees the face in the picture. I have an edited version where I took out the arrow and text. What I’m submitting has the hue amped up a bit so you can see the face better and it’s cropped so you can’t see my full face but other than that, it’s just a screen shot from a snap I was sending. I know the other submit part says something about getting paid but I don’t care about money. Just wanted to see if you thought it looked as creepy as I do.
If you wanted a picture to confirm that’s actually my face just reach out.
Thanks, DP. Keep being awesome.

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