10 years ago I worked as a prep cook at a restaurant in southern Pennsylvania that served American home-style fair. It was a pretty popular place and the owner was one of the best employer's I've ever worked for. The only slightly negative thing was... the place was fairly haunted. The original building the restaurant was located in had been a home built in the 1850's and there were a number of distinct spirits wondering about. Bartenders talked about a man in Victorian clothes and a top hat who strolled through the back dinning room and disappeared in the front one. Or the server who was taking a break on the stairs leading to the private party room that felt and heard the ruffle of fabric skirts brushing past along with the smell of rose perfume. Even the owner's mother, who had previously owned and lived in the upstairs apartment, was known to still be hanging around. And don't get me started on the entity in the basement. It was moody and often in a bad one. The feeling of being watched was oppressive down there.

But this story is about a radio, a disembodied voice, and George Strait. For those who don't know George Strait is a country music legend and is known as the King of Country. Now in my back prep area there's an old radio with one of those slide volume controls, not a knob. And the radio has a habit of turning itself up and down on its own, especially if older country music is on.

One day I was standing at the mixer in the back corner of the prep area with my back to the radio and I hear George Strait come through the radio. I expect the volume to turn up; we tend to joke the radio turning itself up and down is the ghosts preference on the music being played and George is a favorite. Well, not only does the volume turn up, a male voice begins to sing along.

Startled I turn around and look for whoever was singing. But there was no one there. The only guys in the building were the two line cooks but they were on the line at the opposite end of the kitchen.

Spotting the dishwasher returning to the machine nearby I asked if she had heard the guys singing along to the music. She gave me a very confused look and said no she hasn't. I explain what I heard and she gets a little spooked but suggests we determine if the radio volume is a malfunction or if it's actually a ghost once and for all. So we ask if the spirit is still there to turn up the volume. And it does. We ask it to turn it down just to be sure, and it does. By now the dishwasher freaks and nopes out of there. I however stay and mention that they seem to be a George Strait fan and the volume turns up once more.

I asked a few more questions but didn't get any more replies. I've got a few more little things that happened but nothing as interactive as that experience.

About a year later the restaurant was sold and closed down by the new owners for renovations. It opened 2 years later under a new name. I hope they play George Strait from time to time.
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