These details may seem random but they are important. For being 17 I'm a pretty stalky guy for my age, I'm also 5'9 and play rugby. I used to do martial arts before I joined a team. All those details aside let's get into the story. It's been 5 weeks that I've been working at one of the shops in the mall. Now this mall is near the downtown area of where I live, it's gotten worse since 2015. There's also a decent amount of out of state people who come around. It was around 8:15 at night when I finally got off my shift. At this point the mall is empty as it closes early. The only people left are workers from the shops. Now for the layout there's an entrance and exit that's down another section of the mall. This is on the opposite end from the main entrance. This one leads near one of the parking lots by the book store as well as small food stands. At this point alot of the mall lights are dim and the shops are closed. As I'm walking down getting ready to leave the exit I spot a man wearing dark clothes with a very small backpack. He noticed me looking and disappeared. I didn't think much of it, so I opened the door and began to walk. I saw the same man immerge and stared at me again. He then turned back around and started following this lady to her car further in the parking lot. I started walking that way so I could get a better look. He looked back again and started to jog into the lot. I began to pick up some speed as it's a really big lot, and I saw he was following this lady, getting closer and closer. The lady began to run as fast as she could to her car. At this point I had caught up pretty quick to the creep and I yelled out (The fuck is your problem!!?) He immediately stopped and turned around. I caught him a bit off guard which allowed the lady to make it to her car. As she made it to her car I could see she was crying. She noticed me there and saw the creep running away. She yelled thank you from her window as she was trying to calm herself down. I started to run back to the mall as my jeep was in one of those small side lots by the book store. As I was coming back over two guys came over and asked me if I had seen a man. They gave my a description and I said yes, I caught him off guard trying to stalk this lady to her car. One of the guys said how earlier in the day, they noticed the creep was following them around the mall. They tried going different directions but he was always there. It got to the point they hung around in a crowded store which finally allowed them to get away. They had no idea where he ended up and why he was stalking them the way he did. During this entire time my chest felt heavy, like someone ripped my ribs apart and shoved them back together. I now had that pit feeling in my stomach. I will never know what that man wanted. But I know for sure it was something very disturbing. As for the lady and two guys who got hunted down. I'm sorry that happened to you and I can't imagine the paranoia. For the creep who did this, I hope you never come back again
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