I am a 41 year old that has had a life full of strange things that I cannot explain. I am not one of those types that just believes every little thing I hear or see. I prefer to be skeptical before I make any judgements. That being said, I want to share this experience that happened to me in my early 20's.  I was living in Arizona at the time around late 1997. I used to live in a desert area close to some large peaks on Federal Land. I had found this peak side cove. Not quite a cave, but a semi half cave. I even brought my friend there a couple times to hike and hang out. One day we rolled some huge boulders off the peak and watched them smash everything below. We had slingshots that we would shoot at rotting cactus and listen to the rocks ricochet. Well one day I went back there alone. I had an ominous feeling like I was not welcome and danger was near. Next thing I know is I hear a helicopter in the distance. People really weren't suppose to be on this Federal land so I took it as a sign to get the hell out of there. I had a bike which I rode fast as I could home which was about 2-4 miles away. I went to the back yard to soak my head in our pool. (It was HOT)
Seconds later... A black unmarked helicopter shows up literally a mere couple hundred feet from my home's roof just hovering and watching me. I thought to myself NOT to look up and just pet my dog. It left and I really didn't think much more of it. Weird! Ok! No big deal. A month or two passed and things begin to get really strange. I never had any sleep walking or night terror's or any kind of sleep disorder but I would keep waking up to a cloud or mist that was in a small human shaped form above me. I would swat at it with pillows or my fist and not know what was going on. Every few months this would happen. In fact, this kept going on from late 1997 all the way to 2004. Later on I moved away, got married and actually moved a few times. No matter where I moved, still these clouds followed. My ex wife even witnessed one at the same time but also mentioned that for a couple years into the marriage that i also would sit up in my sleep with my eyes wide open and speak seemingly Ancient sounding language. We laughed it all off as silly. Soon 2004 came. This was the final time I ever had any more sleep disturbances. There was a night when my ex wife worked very late. Till around 2 or 3 a.m. I was way asleep by this time or... I should of been.  Upon here arrival home there was howling and growling all around our cabin and no visible dogs to be seen. My ex was scared and got inside very quickly. She could hear more growling inside the home. It was from the room in which I was sleeping. She came in the dark room and saw me standing on the bed looking contorted and later she said I may have had blackened eyes, but she didn't have great eye sight. She thought I was doing a usual sleep walking type thing and went to touch me to get me to lay back down as she had in the past. However all Hell broke loose. She described my contorted body leaped at her an began to choke her. (I know this sounds awful but I have no memory nor was in control of whatever was going on) She screamed and even described slapping/punching me as hard as she could to get away. (Even after the event ended, there was no bruises, no redness...NOTHING) There was some kind of demonic screetching/wailing sound which I honestly heard myself after my subconcious had broken free of whatever had control of it. I was Terrified beyond belief. I even tried to calm her down and tell her I was in control and it was me, but even my voice was beyond creepy. (If you have seen the Mothman Prophecies, my voice sounded like the Indred Cold voice that calls Richard Gere in the movie) Even our bedroom door had somehow shut itself and my cat was pacing around frantically to leave. 

Most would say, Yeah bro. That was a "Night Terror" I know what it is. While it seems very similar, I had one last event 2 weeks later. I had a statue of Apollo. I woke up and saw it's eyes bright blue. I was scared but I picked it up and put it away from the window into the complete dark. His eyes were still glowing. Instead of the fear, I put it on the floor with a blanket over it. Guess what, I never since 2004 have had one single time that I have woke up seeing a ghost/cloud or have talked in my sleep or talked in my sleep with my eyes open. I am not much into religion but a little bit of faith does not hurt. This may be ridiculous to some, but I know what happened to me was real and I don't really need to prove it to anyone but I am happy to share it with people who have had similar things happen because I have talked to many who have and we are all not nutters or need to make up stories to make our lives feel more important. 
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