I live in  Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

I am currently a 15 year old male, but  my first encounter with the paranormal was  when I was 5 years old. I lived alone with my Single mother at the time. Being a poor family, out home only had one bedroom, and one floor. So, my mother and I had to sleep in the same bed. It was the night leading to my  6th birthday. And as every child  is, I was  very excited to Finally turn 6. But what 'm about to tell you has ruined every one of my birthday's, leading up to the present time.

I still remember this event vividly. It was the middle of the night, and I had awoken  suddenly.  This was common for me, as I was a very light sleeper. I remember looking to my left, and seeing my mother sleeping deeply. As I watched her more intently, I saw that her facial features were different, It was definitely noticeable, even in the slightly moon-lit room. I vividly remember her shaking ever so slightly. Not shaking as if  she was cold, but like something was shaking her from the inside. Now, keep in mind, sleep paralysis only occurs after 14 years old, so that is out of the picture.

To my surprise, I saw a dark, black figure, rise out of her unconscious body.  It rose out of the bed, and walked out of the room. Being a socially awkward, and shy child, I had decided to follow that black mass of a body. At that age, I thought it was my mother getting out of bed. I followed the figure through the living room, then to the kitchen, and eventually, the front door. I repeatedly called out  "mom?" but each time I asked, the figure ignored  me. The figure continued walking down the steps, now outside of our small house. Being 5 years old, I was confused. Why would my mother leave the house this late at night? This was  when I started to get a little scared.  

Confused, and tired, I continued to follow the figure down the steps, and out onto our gravel driveway. I was barefoot, and remember the pain of little pebbles pressing into my feet as I desperately tried to get the figures attention. What happens next keeps me  up at night, even now. The figure turned around, and in the dim lighting of a distant light pole, I could only make out one feature on this large, black mass. The eyes. Bright, glowing yellow eyes had filled my vision. Without thinking , I had been so scared and confused that I had stumbled to the ground.  I remember closing my eyes, hoping it was just a nightmare. 

Now, you are probably thinking that it was just a nightmare, but I can honestly tell you this has ruined most of my childhood.

The next day, probably around 2, or 3 in the morning. All I remember is waking up on the side of the road, crying, wishing that my mother was ok. To my absolute surprise, my mother had come out of the front door, and ran to me, to comfort me. 

To this day, paranormal activity has been occurring more and more often, like lights being turned on in the house, and sounds coming from my house, and outside my front door. It seems to be getting more and more noticeable as well. I still have nightmares about this incident, and I hope that  whoever, or whatever that black mass was, never comes back.
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