So This had happened to me this past weekend. I should probably say I'm very close to the supernatural side of things. I would always freak myself out by thinking something was hiding in the shadows ready to pounce out at me. Anyways, I'm 16 years old and all my life I've never had sleep paralysis, My mom and her mom had before, I always thought maybe it would never happen to me. Thinking I'd be safe and I wouldn't need to freak my self out more than needed. So a couple of weeks ago my grandma wanted to go camping with me, my sister, and aunt. We planned on leaving on Thursday and would be coming home on Sunday, I was honestly really excited, I haven't been camping since last year, And was up for the three days of a fun weekend, Or so I thought. Where we were camping was in a secluded forest, And the rangers warned of us the bears and wolves near us since me and my aunt had our dogs with us. Finally, we set up our tent we would be staying in, It was already dark, I was already tired and cold Since it was already thirty-nine degrees. We had dinner and everything was fine, but once and a while I'd sense as if I was being watched. But shaking it off as me being just scared of the stories my sister would tease me about. 

It was already late in the night, And I usually take medicine to help me sleep. I must've woken up about midnight close to one in the morning, To the sound of crunching leaves outside our tent. My mind was trying to think it wasn't anything, I tried going back to sleep, but I had this sudden urge to roll off my air mattress and onto the floor near where my sister was sleeping, I was rolled up in my sleeping bag and all I could see was the darkness of the inside of my blankets. After a while, the sound came back, It seemed as though it stopped right outside my head. I started to feel my breath shaking. I had no clue whatever this thing was, Wanted. I steadied my breathing as if to seem asleep. All of a sudden after my sister's soft snored I heard a growl, It was low and warning, At first, I was thinking it was a bear just upset or that it was a wolf that sensed me there. It went on for a good five minutes. And I was having enough of it. Only did I not know, Was I couldn't move, except my foot. My aunt's bed was right where my foot was moving. I tried nudging her bed, but I forgot she was a deep sleeper like my sister. I tried nudging her bed again. hoping I'd wake her up. After a few seconds, I regained my voice.

"S-Sharon! I think something is growling outside!
" I yelled hoping she heard me. After a few seconds of me trying to get her to wake up, My grandma was already awake on the other side of the tent. She was already up because of her charlie horse in her leg, She stood up from her cot and I was already standing up. Shaking and crying. My grandma shined the flashlight up to my face. And her words she said I looked pale as a ghost. She then insisted I should move my air mattress to her room, and just stay there for the rest of the night. By now my sister was awake because of my commotion, After laying down I explained to my grandma what had happened, She then said that we should pray. And we did After we prayed, I felt so much better. But that rest of the night I was on edge and shaking horribly.

 The next morning, after I got up I checked outside where my head was and I never saw any tracks of any. It was like it all happened in my head. 

I have no clue what happened to me that night. But I'm still high on alert, I'm afraid to sleep at night. And Hardly ever get enough sleep, I still think I was visited by something supernatural, Like a hellhound maybe. But I just it is hard to explain. Thanks for hearing my story. I wanted to tell it, someone. Since I'm afraid I sound crazy.
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