Hi it's me again I like your work good job keeping me up at but it's good though on to the story
Me my dad work together like I was his sidekick still I was 17 I liked to earn money
Anyways me and my dad show houses to people who like to buy it but its not at all our property we get money for this and that too good like my dad take 80 % and me 20 % but there was a house which was very hard to sell because there was a suicide and murder so we were searching for someone who can buy that house and we did there was a guy who said he will buy it it was me my dad's job to show the houses he talk about money and all and show the houses
Well this time my dad was busy with some another work so the said you show him and talk money, he gave me his number I went told him to come there, I thought he must be very need of a house to my surprise he came in a very luxury car. He was young 20, 21 maybe we shared our greeting I begin to show him the house and then I mentioned that someone has committed suicide and a family was murdered this guy surprised me again he said that's why I am here is it was writing about some horror places any heard that people heard noises from this house I didn't know that then I told him the price he just agreed on it and then he said he will move in tomorrow I said you ok fine the next day he was moving and i thought I may help him while we become friends texts and hanging out but then the strange things started I used to get a call from him I pick up they used to be no one on the other side I used to listen someone Whisper I couldn't figure out what it was one day went by ask him what's up why you keep calling '' need to mention we didn't texted for some time like a week" hd said I phone I not working I said you are lying he showed the phone which has no no battery then I get call from him we both are scared shitless now I said let's get the fuck out of this house then we heard someone running down the stairs coming towards us return to see someone in black we did not went for the fron door we jumped out of the window as it was ground level we turn to see no one then I get a call from his phone I pick up put is on speaker a little girl's voice said come get your before mom comes we didn't went I told my dad all about it he dropped that house moved on to next we still friends the reason I'm telling this now because police found 6 dead body's that to kids of my school.
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