One night me and my coworkers decided to play with a ouija board outside of work. We talked to a girl named Quinn who said she was a demon.

She seemed pretty cool till towards the end of taking to her we decided we needed to head home because it was like 2am. But  she wouldn't let us say goodbye until we promised that if we ever used the ouija board again that we would talk to her.

About a week later the place where we worked caught on fire. So a few days after that we go to the lake and use the ouija board again and asked for Quinn. We asked if she started the fire and she told us that she did.

Then it seemed like Quinn got scared or over powered because the board started acting up, spelled zozo and started counting backwards. We quickly said goodbye and moved the planchette to goodbye.

About 2 weeks later I was driving to my friends house. I should mention that the friend was a girl I was seeing at the time and she was cheating and using me. (I did not know this at the time)

I guess Quinn knew because she seemed mad, protecting and jealous when me and my friends mentioned this girls name the first time we used the ouija board. So on the way to her house I hydroplaned and flipped my truck. I have to add the ouija board is in the truck.

Some people driving down the road stopped to help get the door open and I climbed up and out. When the cops arrived they made sure I was ok and said they had to write me a ticket just because of the accident.

I don't have the ticket anymore because this happened about 4 years ago but the address site of the accident was route 666 Virginia.
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In the age of google maps, maybe you want to check if there even IS a Virginia route 666. Cause there isn't.

Since you're talking about hydroplaning a truck, anywhere but the first rout 666 will work, but if you want to keep this story set in Virginia, Route 13 will keep things sounding spooky while being a real place on a map.
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