First of all, i enjoy the stories on your tube channel 🙂 which is why i want to contribute.
 Now, the following story is up to the listener to believe or not but i can can assure youthe things i write below are true and has also changed my life and my way of thinking . It has taught me to always think twice regardless whatever i am about.


My name is Magnus and i had and still have 2 friends, who are involved in this story. Their names are Hakon and Mathias.

 When we were about 7 or 8 years old my friend Mathias told us childhood friends that he were about to move to USA for a longer time. 
 Mathias father was (still is) an enginer and an inventor and he  had been drafted via his company "Monsun Tison"  (now named Parker Hanifin) on a mission in Chicago for 8 years. Being said and done they all moved pretty fast.
 They did come home to Sweden and every third year or so just to look over things and meet and great etc. 

 Mathias had always been filled with enrgy and was a sort of a clown of the class, alongside with me Magnus hehehe. But during the visits he was moore and moore quiet and low. 
 Then came the day when he and his family came home for good. Everyone was curious and happy and eager to meet Mathias though everyone always had liked him.

 We had a very interesting time forwards. Mathias told us that he had been bullied for a couple of years in the us but that it had changed to the opposite because he moore or less had to join a gang. 
 At this time he was still funny clownish but also moore serious and hand lens vigorous. 

Time went on and we had once again established great friendship in our little group. We were then and are still 5-6 friends that always are there for eachother to this very day .
 We now were around 15-17 years old. Vespas wasnt popular at that time but mopeds were so that was what we were ridiing to get to places, to friends, girls etc.
 This is an age that when curiosity are a big thing and what came to our town as a trend was the Ouijaboard. So ofcourse we got curious.
 A lot of people talked about (and lied ofcoruse) what they had experienced etc etc. It was good stories but no one took it very serious.

Another friend we had that was in our little group was a man named Hakon. Hakon was that kind of guy that everyone got along with. On the contrary, he still is the same. 
 Hakon is a calm guy, doesnt do anything uncareful. He is quite inteligent. His parents are psycholigist. and two of his siblings are doctors. So that kind of formed him in a way. He is and was always the most logical one. He doesnt deal in chances. He doesnt believe in ghosts or other related things. He is also the biggest sceptic i`v ever known. He and other in his family are people that always have a hard time admitting they sometimes are wrong, kind of irritating actually hihi.

Further on. Me and Mathias and Hakon was hanging all the time with eachother. We were all living on the coutry but took our mopeds in to town where we met girls and got to know other friends. 
 It is at this time that we came across Ouijaboard. The friends we had gained in the town were talking about this a LOT. Specially the girls that had became close to us.
 What maked that moore than curiosity was that Mathias, who always was "the forward" guy nowdays, began to back away and stay in behind. Became low. So we asked him why and we asked him a lot of times but he never gaved an answer. So this talk about ouija was up on the subject a long time.
 Then one day he told us. He told us creepy things that actually made us feel scared but at the same time curious.  He sat down with us (a lot of friends) but whats important is that me and Hakon was there.

 He told us that ouija also was big in the US before he moved and that he had been in the of Boston which he told us was the witches town in the ages. Ha said that he had bought a book in  a shop there. If i remember right the title was "the power of the witch" and that he and a group of friends had been reading this book as a part of a preparation before a ouijaboard session.
 He explained that those friends he were with at that ouijasession was really into that and other darker things.
 In this book they got information of what was needed to get the most perfect ouija session, and some other things that he learned from the other friends he had there.
 He has never, even up to this daytold us what actually happened during that session. He did tell us to never EVER mess with it because there is not enough knowledge/info of what that actually is/are.

We were nagging Mathias often and for a longer time because we were curious and also a little sceptical. We wanted him to join a session of "the spirit in the glass" as it was called i Sweden. It is the same as a ouijaboard but with a glass upsidedown on a paper with the letters, numbers tec. He said now several times. But one day when we youngsters had camed across some beers he gaved after.

 It was me, Mathias and Hakon and a friend named Roger but he didnt like it or wasnt intersted so he got up one floor and played nintendo. (we were at rogers home this time)
 So, we lite some candles and started in the way we knew it but Mathias refused to join. We complained but he refused, hard. So we did it without him but he was still in the same room.

 We asked the glass sverel things but nothing happened. Hakon began to ironise the whole thing saying it is just bull and superstition things and that there always is explanations for these kind of things. I got a little angry with him and asked him to stop whining and continue if it now was so fake.
 After maybe 15-20 minutes me and Hakon hold one finger each on the glass and the glass moves. We are blaming eachother for moving the glass on purpose but both of us denie. The letters that comes up are S A M, SAM.
 We said aha, ok. and what is that. we dont know any sam. Or is it just some letters of something longer?
We turned to Mathias But he was gone. We went upstairs and found him in a room close to where roger was. Mathias was crying and angry.
 We got the explanation that in the US Mathias had a good friend in the gang whos name was Sam. What is special about this is that Sam got stabbed to death a couple of yers before Mathias moved back home.
 Same day in the late evening we took are mopeds and went home to Mathias. His mother and father saw directly that Mathias was sad and upset. SO, we had to explain it all.
 Of all the things that were said to Mathias we heard that his parents was mad about him keeping that book and for breaking the rules to never deal with things like that again. 
 Day came to an end and a couple of weeks went on.

As we had been doing what we usually did for a couple of weeks the day came when we were bored to death. Not one of our friends were home and the girls we were found of couldnt do anything with us though they were occupied or away to their grandparents etc. So it was just me Mathias and Hakon. We were home at Mathias house and we had the place for ourselves though his parents along with his little sister and little brother were off for dinner and a movie in the town. The clock were somewhere between 20,00-21,00.

I dont know why Mathias did the following things but he said to us: Hey guys! there is one thing i have that i haven`t told you.
 Oook and what is that? He said follow me and took us upstairs. He went long into a big wardrobe filled with clothes, books and other crap and he pulled forward a real ouijaboard. Made of wood. He told us he had bought it in Boston as well and that it was really old.
 I got fascinated and started feel tickling in my stomach. Hakon wondered what the hell that was. Mathias explained what it was.
 Hakon just sigh in the most nonchalant way and told us to get real. I said the opposite and wanted to try it. We stood and discussed about this until Mathias highered his voice and said:
 You have been nagging me about this for a longer time than my patience can take. So now you are gonna do this no matter you want it or not, in the real way. Then after that we will get rid of all these thing together. He also told us we had to do get rid of it in a certain way. He said that the board was loaded with energy and that we just couldnt burn it or break it and throw it in the trash.
 We started laughing and joking about it. Hakon wondered if we had to make love with it before we threw it hehehe, well, things like that. Childish as the children we were.

 Mathias took us in to his room. Closed all the windows and ventialtions as good as he could. He made the room completely dark except for the glitches under the door etc.
 He then turned on a flashlight and put up about 10-12 big red candles and lit them. He turned of the electrical lights and he brought forward a table  and placed the ouijaboard on top and put a bucket with water under it. He attached an incense on the bucket. 
Further on he asked us to put one item each on the table where the board was placed but not on the board. Hakon put a pen on the table. I put key there. Mathias took some sort of toy/mascot and put there. 
 Finally he brings forth whiskey and insist that we all take some big shots each. After that he use a pen or something and create a cricle of some sort arounde the table and us. It is big enough to fit us all. 
 He says: Know this, what ever happen dont break the circle. He repeats, whatever happens dont get outside the circle and if any of you, incl myself experince too scary things, just put the incense in the bucket and stay in place till i say something else. 
 We were like.....OOOOK, hehehehe, Yes my lord and things like that. NOT knowing what to come.

Mathias closed the door and placed himself in the circle and mumbled some words. Then he said that we could begin. We decided who should start and became Hakon. We all put one finger on the planchett and it sarted to move. This session was somehow moore serious then the session we did some weeks ago because this time we were wispering when we talked. 
 The planchett moved to letters that didnt make any sense. Not for any of us. We asked a lot of questions but it seemed to be just rubbish and we thought that it was someone of ourselves that pulled the planchett. SO, i got a little irritated.

What i did next was a bad idea. It was not meant anything ill or things like that but i just wanted some sort of reaction/evidence that ouija actually worked. I took me some years after this whole incident to get rid of problems that followed me since that evening.

I watched the clock, she was almost 23,00 Swedish time.
I asked out loudly. If someone are here, show your self or do something so we know that this is real and not some bogus shit.
 Nothing happened. Hakon sighed and said: ok can we go down and watch a movie now or something. Mathias said "wait wait" we have to end this the proper way, dont break the circle.
 A couple of second after Mathias said that 2-3 candles starts to slacken, i saw it first. Then some moore candles, one after one. Mathias and Hakon both notices this and they look at me and then we look at eachother. The last candles slackens and the room are now completely dark. Of all of us it is Hakon, the most sceptical and sarcastical one of us who gets stressed and break the circle and run down to the first floo. Instinctivily on reaction we just followed, A little horrified and little scared but at the same time a little laughing. We stood there asking eachother: did you see that, what could have done that etc.
 Well the wind said Hakon, no need to worry or believe in jibberish my friends.

 During this conversation we hear two BIG thuds on the upperfloor. I mean BIG, specially the first thud. It was like a grown man jumped from the roof down on the floor, that king of thud was it and 1 sec after it we heard the second thud, not that loud at all. Just like a stomp with a foot. 
 We all got frozen, quiet, just looking at eachother wondering what the fuck in hell was that.
 Mathias said: we have to go up and put in the incense. We didnt want to but we agreed on that and went slowly up in group. We we came there we put the light on and took down the candles and clean up all in there. Mathias was first in and put the incense down in the water. After this we went down again. Mathias was angry wth Hakon for breaking the circle. Ha was upset that the session didnt end as it should have. He also told us that there can be ghostly things following us further on.
 We sat down and talked about this. Hakon told us and laughed that there was no need to even worry or bother. We had lively discussions with Hakon and with eachother on what happened and what it was. 

We came to no conclusion. Mathias explained why the preparations was important and why we we did the certain things that we did. He also told us about energies, negative and positive ones and thats the reason wy there are a certain way of getting rid of the boards. 
 Whats important to know is that:
* We made sure every window and doors were closed and locked. To prevent that wind could disturb and cause we didnt wanted any company.
* We made sure we were alone, we searched the house before and after. 
*Checked the ventilation, before and after.

 Suddenly Mathias family comes home. They notice the smell of litten candles and incense. We said we had been playing cards and just been taking it easy.
 We never told anyone of this. Mathias did get rid of all the things realted to this subject. Hakon is still a sceptical person but has not or will not give an answer on what happened that day. I, as i mentioned before got troubles in the com ing years. I took me two medial persons to teach me things and they also helped me get rid of the problems. I cant say if i ever believed in ghost etc but i cant say the opposite either. 
 I can tell you this. I believe that there are things we dont know. Dimensions we dont know. Planets, universes, aliens. I believe in something, not god, not satan just something. i think that we are not supposed to know everything that is and exists. Not in this life. We have other things to put focus on in this life. I even believe that death is just one part of this cycle. Nothing good or bad with that. We have died before, we will die in this life and in next etc etc.
 With that said, be mindful, be kind, be now , love but DONT mess with this kind of things

Mathias lived pretty long in the woods. I have never been riding so fast on a moped in my life that i did that night. I know that goes for Hakon to. We held the same speed alongside with eachother until we came to our society with lights. We also almsot were neighbours. 

Sorry for eventual misspelling etc.

// Magnus "The Swede"
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When we got up to clean all up. We didnt find nothing. Saw nothing. Heard nothing. We only felt the smell of slackened candles.
Btw, my moped was trimmed, fortunatley 😉

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