When I was 19, I went on a stunt course in South Wales. It was based in an old castle on the coast, and we would spend a week learning new stunt techniques and weapons skills before being tested on them on the last day.
At the introduction to the course, we were told about the various hauntings that went on in the castle, and a few stories were told by the course leaders. Of course, I was sceptical, even as we went on a ghost hunt in the castle, about halfway through the week. Nothing much happened at first, until we went down to the orchard below the castle where we'd been told there was a swing that would move by itself on calm nights.

At one point the group was crowded around and two people went down the path further into the orchard. I gazed after them as they disappeared into the darkness, my eyes being unable to see them very far. I wasn't interested in the conversation in the group, so I kept staring down in the direction that the two people had gone.
As we stood around and my group chatted away, I saw a camera flash from the two people who'd gone down the path. What made this odd was that I saw a third person standing right beside them. This person looked like they were made of shiny, silvery light. It was such a clear image that I was confused for a moment.
I turned to one of my companions and asked 'how many people are over there?' to which my friend replied 'I dunno, you'll have to ask them.' I was still unsure of what was happening and I anticipated three people returning.

Two people came back.

As they arrived, I asked 'is there anyone else down there with you?' to which they both said 'no. Why?' I told them that I thought I saw someone else down there with them.
'What did you see?' They asked, still not taking me entirely seriously.
'I saw two people on the path.'
'Yeah, that's us.' They said, not expecting what I was about to tell them.
'And a third person standing beside you on the lawn.'
At that point the smiles disappeared and everyone decided to high-tail it out of that orchard straight away. It was one of the oddest and most unsettling experiences I'd ever had in my life.
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