Oops, Did My Navel Pop Out Again?
By: Posey Gilbert

I can not say I can document this but I will give you a true anecdote from my life.
A many summers ago I scored a show called " Sky Watchers " that was being performed in Tribecca in lower Manhattan.
Arriving early one day I went to draw my rent money out from a branch of my bank which was in Chinatown, which was on the opposite side of the island and as I was walking back across town, as I learned to do when I am alone, I use store windows as I walk, to see if I am being followed with out attracting attention.
As a native New Yorker you learn the best way not to be a mugging victim is to learn not to look like one.
So when your are carrying large amounts of money you watch for muggers with out looking around for them.
It was hot and one of the stores had its glass door opened outwards and I thought 
how fortunate this was for me I could see the entire area behind me as I was walking toward it.
Then it dawned on me I could see too much of the area behind me I was nowhere to be seen in the reflection.
I was startled, and jumped, and at that instant it was as if I popped back on for I suddenly became visible in the reflected scene of the door.
I startled a little old man that was walking next to me but I didn't know if it was just because my sudden jumping that had startled him, or my sudden appearance.
By the time I had reached the theater I had talked myself out of thinking what I had known to happen had happened.
You know maybe I was just at an angle that I was not able to see myself in the glass and when I jumped came into view or maybe I had just lost sight of myself in the crowds of people I could see in the glass and my jumping had made me seem to pop out of nowhere.
But the fact was is there were not many people about me when I jumped.
Those that were, were far behind me I should have seen myself with out jumping.
I wanted to ask the guy next to me that jumped when I seemed to " pop back on " in the glass what he had saw but he was Chinese and just quickly murmured something I did not understand and crossed the street when I went to speak to him.
Plus what do you say?
" Oh pardon me did I just appear here? "
In addition I am a six foot four heavy set, heavy bearded black man that to this little guy must have looked like I was lunging at him out of nowhere.
I did tell my friend Carolyn about it later so I guess she could verify I did speak of such a thing before I read this article but again how does one verify these spontaneous things?
By their very nature of being spontaneous there is no way to keep track of them, and no guarantee they will happen again, or not.
When these things happen you most of the time aren't aware of them happening until they are over.
While you are going through them you are completely unaware that there is something going on out of the ordinary.
I am sure this happens to everyone now and then with out them ever noticing it.
I know for certain that there are dimensional openings and portals that we all pass through very day but because of the way we live our lives they go unnoticed.
Have you ever looked up from your thoughts and caught the second hand of a clock frozen then suddenly as you realized what you are seeing it starts up again?
Time does funny things when you are not looking at it, as I feel all things do.
I have a life time of such bizarre events and strange encounters some that I still don't have words to describe or names to call them.
Occasionally or eventually we all catch the universe daydreaming.
Now when I feel I am being ignored or over looked I just say, 
" Oops, did my navel pop out again? "

What do you think, has your navel ever popped out on you?
I don't want to believe it's much better to know.
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