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It's been 48 hours now since I returned home , I don't know how to explain this situation and if you guys will believe me or not . So I will just start with my experience now .

I live in a city with my mom and my younger brother . We own 4 shops in my village which is now bascially started to develop in a small town . The city in which I live is 25 miles away from it . My father oftenly visits us within 2 or 3 days since its difficult to commute daily . We have a huge bungalow in village where my uncle , aunt and grandparents live with my father . My mom along with my younger brother settled in the town 15 years ago from our village for my education . So whenever we have festivals or celebrations we have to travel to our village a few days prior to it .

I was in my village . It was late around 10:30 p.m. I have to drop my other cousin to his house which was 5 miles away from ours . So I took my Scooter instead of my sports bike since it was much comfortable to drive it after my stomach was full from a great feast we had . There were 2 roads for us to take to reach his house . One was the normal street where vehicles drive very oftently while the other was a shortcut but was a bit pebbled and not maintained much . There were often some strange and paranormal sightings on this road according to the local villagers and the forest surrounding it really gave it a spooky feel. Since my cousin and I had a great interest in ghost stories and legends so we decided to take down this shortcut road. 

Since it was a full moon that night, the only light on the road was the moonlight and the headlights of my scooter . We started telling some stories to each other so we can get a chilling spooky thrill feeling while driving . We then reached his house . My uncle and aunt were asking me to spend the night there since it was late night . But since I had to live early morning the other day to the city I left his house and asking them to not worry too much since I'll call them as soon as I reach home . 

I left his house . I decided to return home taking the same pebbeled road . As soon as I  started to drive down the road a pricking little chill went through my spine which startled me as if my instincts were telling me to turn back . But despite that I shooked off this feeling and plugged into my phone playing music with my earphones on . Now that I was all alone even with the music on I was kinda getting distracted by the forest surrounding me as if it was trying to tackle me from behind . I drove 2 miles .

Then I saw a woman walking by the side of the road . She was looking completely normal and since the village was just a mile ahead I thought that she would be bothered by me offering her a lift so I drove further ahead of her . Again after driving  further I saw the same woman walking ahead of me which made me more anxious now . I thought in my mind , How can someone walk/run so fast without me seeing them passing by even though she was right behind me on the same road . I started to panic in fear and raced a bit . Well now here it gets creepy , I don't know why I looked in the rear mirror of my scooter but I won't ever forget what I saw . The same woman that I saw walking was running behind me , I was starting to get scared now so I raced the accelerator on my scooter to the full and yet she was still gaining her speed keeping up with the speed  . The thing which scared me the most was when she was chasing me her hands were stretched forward , her nails looked like pin pointed sharp , and it was only for a slight moment now that the moonlight falled on her and I get to see what she looked like . It gave me a feeling of how helpeless I was right now when I looked at her from the rear mirror . She had a very pale skin with her eyes pure white and just a black spot in pupils , she had razor sharp teeths  as her mouth now wide open to the point that a normal person cannot further widen it , her dress now pure black . My eyes went teary from the sight of it . I was glancing a few times in the mirror which is when I saw now that along with running on two legs she was chasing me on her two hands down on the ground like an predator chasing its prey . I thought in my mind that I was gonna die now , but still with all the adrenaline pumping I droved to the max speed instead of looking back now racing forward way too fast . After a few minutes , I don't know how but when I looked back she was gone . She was no more chasing me . When I just exited that road and reached my village , I slowed down and stopped  near a police station which was just at the start of our village .

Seeing me with such a desperation and frightened expression , the officer patrolling at that time asked me of what had happened . I wanted to speak so badly, I wanted to tell him that how happy I was to see him here but not a single word rolled down my mouth at that time . Instead of speaking to him I looked back one last time to check if that woman was gone . But to what my eyes saw was just more jaw dropping . It gave me shivers and my eyes wide open , my pupils now much more widened and my whole body shaking in fear . I saw that woman standing right there at the start of that road as if she was unable to cross it , she gave me a smile , a smile so wicked that as if she was telling me she had fun chasing me the night and was glad I was there to entertain her tonight in this cat and rat chase . And then slowly backing and fading into the dark forest . The officer asked me again and again but still not a single word was spoken by me . He took me home . As I reached home I felt a warmth and cozy relaxing feeling and tears rolled down my eyes of how much glad and fortunate I was to be there . When my family saw me in such a condition ,instead of asking about the situation they let me sat down on couch . After I calmed down a bit I explained the situation which  I cannot believe or didn't even knew how to comprehend .

To my surprise they all believed me and were much relieved knowing that I wasn't harmed . My grandparents then told me that there were a few recent  cases in the village about people seeing a woman on that road chasing down whoever walked it or drived but never harmed anyone .

The next day I came back here in the city . Right now it has already been 48 hours since the incident. I usually listen every video on Darkness prevails , I thought it would be good for myself to lighten up a bit of this heavy feeling to share my experience here and seriously I'm feeling a bit relieved . I still fell how lucky I was , and what would've happened if that woman caught me at that time or my scooter had an problem or breakdown there . I know one thing that I am safe right now but I won't be able to visit my village anymore not atleast for a certain time now .
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