My story takes place in southern Idaho, I will not give exact location for privacy reasons. My grandparents live on a farm  out in the country. the only thing around them is farm fields, there closest neighbor is at least half a mile down the road.

now the land they live on was developed by my 2nd great grand father, he cleared the sage brush with his father and family. the house which resides on the land was built by him but has since been remodeled. there are two parts of the house which are still mostly original that is the attic where my grandma lived at one point and the bedrooms in that part of the house.

the house has held many family gatherings through the years and its most recent remodel was in the 1980s helped make it possible. now the next oldest part of the house is he cellar, my grandma doesn't store anything down there . all that is down there is the old steps that once came up into the kitchen and some old shelves.

as a kid me and my cousins were afraid of, the door that leads down there swings open and swings over the door. my brother once fell down there because he mistook it for side door to exit the house. now the stairs that lead down are pretty long at least 20 steps or more and you have to walk down in to the darkness to find the switch. my brother was ok just dirty.

my first time I went down was with my grandma and it was quite creepy, there is walls made out of dirt and the air feels musty down there. my first time I did not stay long down there. there is always a feeling of being watched down there. as I grew older I stayed away from it till I went to help my grandparents the summer I graduated.

by then I was 18 and still pretty freaked out by the cellar, but my grandpa needed me to turn on a water valve down there and with little protest I went down. the first thing I notice were claw marks on the side of one dirt mounds/walls. they were deep and very long. but there were no animal droppings or smell of urine. which was odd before when I was a kid they were not there.

I had to stay down there and wait till he would call me and tell me turn it off. I stood by the valve looking into a dark room where the old cellar steps were. the whole atmosphere was uneasy and I was getting anxious to get out. I also felt like I was being watched after a while though I was able to leave.

my next experience was in the attic, as I sat there playing the air started to get ice cold and dread started to wash over me as a kid I was scared easily so I stopped playing and went to find my mom. now keep in mind this was early July and the attic became unbearable hot because there was air conditioning up there.

any time I go up there I feel uneasy same with my grandmas basement, which has a storage room that is connected to the cellar via crawl space. I spend most my time in the family room whenever I am at her house alone. there are times you will hear foot steps in the attic and on the stairs leading up to the attic.

the experience I have had, have truly been out of the ordinary. I used to be very skeptical of the paranormal but these occurrences and others make me question.
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