I recently started a new job, working as an Administrator at a University. The building I work in is pretty old and small, having been built about 50 years ago when the University opened.


   To help you understand the layout of the building. I enter the building through a side door that leads up a flight of stairs. You then go through a door, which needs a pass for entry. Once through the door, you enter a long hallway with the staff kitchen and toilets, immediately to your right. Then dotted along the corridor in both directions, are various meeting/office rooms.


My office is roughly two doors down from the entry on the right. I share this room with another member of my team. My desk faces the doorway, meaning I get a clear view out of the door we always leave open.


 So to the story. This incident happened a few weeks ago. My colleague was out sick, so I was sat in the office alone. I believe at this time, only a couple of other members of staff were in the building, but as it was so quiet it was hard to tell.


  I was busy working away, answering some emails, when the light in the hallway suddenly turned off. This did catch my attention, but I shrugged it off as all the lights in the building are motion sensored. No one had passed by the doorway for some time, so it made sense why it turned off.


  I spared a glance to the dark open doorway, grimacing at how creepy the darkened hallways always looked. Looking away again, I went back to work.


   A few minutes passed and the light turned back on. I looked to the doorway expecting to see someone pass by, but several minutes passed and no one had walked by. I found this strange, usually the lights turning on were accompanied by footsteps. Or the sound of someone’s keys clinking in their pocket, as I always heard with the Receptionist.


  I continued to stare at the open doorway. The light turned back off. Feeling a little bit creeped out, I went back to work.


  Fast forward to about an hour later. I was in the small kitchen, making myself a hot cup of tea. Drink in hand I started to head back to my desk. As I passed by the door that led into the building, I suddenly felt a chill run up my spine. And then the hallway light turned off again, plunging me into semi darkness.


Using my free hand, I frantically waved at the light hoping to get it to turn back on. I couldn’t see anything in that corridor with me, but I could feel a presence. It was close by, managing to evade my sight.


 Luckily, my waving worked and the light came back on. But now the door to the building stood open…


 It made no sense, this was a swing door, which would should swung closed when you let go of it unless you propped it open. I set my tea down on the floor and moved closer to the doorway to investigate.


  Three pieces of paper had been wedged under the door. I leaned down to pull them out and the door swung shut again.


I headed back to my desk to read the notes. Each was a torn scrap from a pad of paper, much like the one that was currently sat on my desk. On each piece of paper was a single word, scrawled in small messy handwriting.




I shivered as I read them aloud. What or who was still here?


I never showed the notes to anyone else and I now keep my office door closed, forcing people to knock before entering.


Nothing has happened since that day, but I occasionally get the shivers when alone in my office.




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