This happened a few years ago. I was with my family on a vacation to Ocracoke,North Carolina,This is an island. This island was more remote,compared to the other islands at least.We went there right after a small hurricane hit the outer banks which included the island.It was dark and gloomy looking,and partialy raining on and off here and there,but we took a ferry to the island.The trip on the ferry was extraordinary because I have never done any thing like it before.But eventually after we arrived and looked at the small town, Then went out for lunch we decided to go to Ocracoke National Campground. After this experience i never want to go to the ocean at night.

Later,when we got our camp setup,we went for a swim but we were not allowed to go far because the waves were heavily affected by the hurricane that occurred a few days ago,And were huge and rough.Later after we got bored of the ocean and searched for seashells. But,we saw a crab and my 6 year old brother and I,went after it, like normal wild boys. When we caught that sucker the crab was bright white with bright yellow on it's legs. We wondered what species it was so we went ahead and asked the ranger at the front of the campground. He told us it was a ghost crab and he said they mainly come out at night.

That night we had hot dogs and sat by the fire.Then got ready for bed. I alone,went for one last look at the ocean after everyone went to bed.It was about 12:50 ish. I walked the ocean,the stars were bright and the moon was so bright i could see about 15ft in front of me and the shining water.Ghost crabs everywhere,i have to admit there were so many that i acedently stepped on a few and heard crunch and felt guilty for stepping on them but moved on with my walk. Then i saw it. This Crocodile human looking thing.I was frozen,I do not think it heard me because of the crashing waves. Oh i can still see it in my head. It was crouching picking up crabs and eating them, Stuffing its face.It was about 5 to 6 feet tall running back into the ocean after i let out a squeal. I can almost explain it like a baby Godzilla mixed with a human.When it looked at me before it ran into the ocean all paranormal stories I have read or stories i have true came into my head as all true as i was running and crying to the campsite. I went to sleep in my tent and woke up early but layed frozen until i heard other members of my family get up. For some reason I thought it was safe to get up now. We left to home and i told my dad on the way but he acted like he believed me but i could tell he really didn't.
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