The event i'll be talking about happen in 2009. My grammer isnt the best. Just so we are all clear!

I've been drivin truck. For a while, and this story ill be sharing. Takes the cake for all the bizarre thangs ive seen.

In 2009 I was hauling mostly hopper bottoms. Mostly blood powder, or bone mill. Even a few DG,13 corn runs. But every once in a  great moon.(no punt in tended). Ill pull a wagon, AKA(livestock Trailor).

I was hauling a load of late feeder calves for a feed lot out of Indiana, going too west Virginia. Too rual farmer in wolf county. We got their just fine. Me, and the mini steak family.

After unloading. The farmer asked. Me too do him a huge favor! I replied. "Yeah like what?!" Farmer. Said " ive got a couple of dead pigs, that i need gone. Would you mind hauling them off, too local rendering plant. I'll give you a couple. Extra benjamins. "For your extra time?".

I said, Yes since its in the direction im heading plus i've already, need a washout. For nursery pig. Im grabbing tomorrow, So we thru them two dead pink back on the ass-end. rolled the gate down, And went too hauling ass.

Later in the night i stoped Off the narrow Two lane road, Into an old gravel pit. It was in one of those old side road gravel lots, that them state boys throw their toys into, while they Continue the road work.

Its about 11:30pm, Me and "gunny" (my blue nose pit).  needed some rest, and myself needed too work on my log book. Where we stop,  For some reason something gave me a bad fib all over my body. And even for gunny As well, like maybe we should go down the road. Too see if their is Something better!

Anyways im like, "im tired, and We've stayed in worst blocks of Chicago!" plus i  dont need a law man, Curious about my logs. So we hopped in the bunk and fell asleep. 


Bang! ckank! bang! clank!  I fly up. Shouting bad words, "Alot of them." My dog Gunny, Is pirched up tail between his legs. Grawling,  Teeth as well! The hole time the truck is rocking because of the trailer is being moved. Its like Something is trying too  break into my trailer! Seconds later, It stops.

Btw.. My windows are down a bit so a breeze can keep the truck cool without runing it. ( i know in some spooky woods. Windows down. I know im and idiot. Lol)  anways.

 I Get too the driver seat too check things out. I turn the keys back, and proceed too start rolling up the windows . "Driver side" went up quick. Faster than my right side. Btw! im watching the right side go up. As  im watching the window rolls up.

Gunny jump!!!  into my lap barking. And started showing teeth, i jump back. And immediately Look over, and see this face! Those eyes!! Im seeing, are mawling my soul. Just looking at them. Like a bright dark contsruction green. With likea  snake split pruples. but massive.!!

Its head is huge. Like or damn near close to a dogs face. Its ears hairy, or mushy with shagged hair but the skin into a point. Ohh, and those k-9 were huge. Row after row stained yellow teeth.

I saw him pull his head back  then lean in too the window and started too smerk. And grawl. And then it started too tap. On the window with its nail. The whole time shit's going, Gunny is going crasy like, WTF shut the beep  up. Then for some reason it desides too walks away.

By then!  Im stumbling, trying too start this truck too get the  GTFOH movement train rolling. So i Flipped the head lights on. And when i did. I realized how big this thing was. So my  tractor is 13-4ft. So its got tobe 7-8 feet long, body is built like a body builder. Long  mangy mushy black, or even a light shades of blood reddish.

Dog like leggs, and a wolf like his long strangly  coon like hands, was one of those  dead pigs i had. The other pig  was with another dog/monster-wolf creature standing 15 ft behind him..

the one in the back howls something so frightening, it damned near almost shuddered out the sound of the tractor. And made my dog  Peed instantly.

but too my dog defense he was siting on my lap, As we watch this. So it could of very well been me.

So we high tailed it out of their ran down about 45 miles too a truck stop. I get out too check my trailer. My roll door was halfway bent out. For you readers understand these roll gates hold in cows. Ranging from 600 too 1500 pounds of love, and grumpy.

All im saying is it was unreal, for weeks then into months, and years. I"ll cope with logic of, man you was tired.  you've was running 23 plus hours that day, Or Something like that too smooth over my Mind.

Ive ran that same back road hundreds of times since that night. But wont stop, Two months ago. Was going thru,  that stretch of highway.

They've got a little gas station their. And one time, Before i got their. my truck was acting up. Engine lights came on, So i stop their too check all was good. Went inside and clerk said.

"Driver you okay."  All i could say was . "Glad i didn't break down, 2 miles back down the road." Then smiled grabbed my can skoal , and was off like a dirty shirt.

Makes  me think,  those bumps in the night. Are more than just the wind.
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I could hardly get to the next word fast enough! I imagine there are so many "driver" stories out there, but this one takes the cake. You're lucky it only wanted the hogs! Thank you for sharing @country1989 
"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unkown."
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@Dissolved_Fatale  thank you btw, enjoying these stories ive been sharing.I hope Mr. @Darkness Prevails, is feeling better!
  Hope he enjoys these stories i have shared?, and i wonder if he isnt having a hard time understanding my "hillbilly editing skills😎😎"
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Darkness Prevails
@country1989 I am! Thank you very much. I should be feeling good enough to read a full video today 🙂
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