I was taking the train home from work in mid December, passing through the inner city to get to my house in the suburbs.  It was a cool day, but still fairly mild for winter. 

I stood on the platform, looking at reddit on my phone when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I felt a sudden, urgent need to look up at the same time, but when I did, there wasn't anything unusual on the platform at all.  Just normal people waiting for the train to their various destinations. 

I started to look back down when I felt it again, this time a bit closer. As I looked around a second time, my eyes found a man walking toward me. He was fairly normal looking, but something about him felt slightly off. 

I gripped my phone and tried my best not to stare as he moved toward me, every step making my stomach churn in anxious anticipation. He moved closer and closer until... He passed me.  

I stood there, shocked and trembling, trying to understand just what had happened. The man was certainly the cause of the anxiety, but I couldn't figure out why or what about him had made me so uneasy. 

I decided at that moment to watch him out of the corner of my eye as he walked away from me, across the street and onto the platform on the other side.  I tried to take in his appearance, thinking maybe what he was wearing had caused my anxiety, but even his clothes looked completely normal. Just a duffel coat and some jeans. A bit excessive, maybe, for a mild winter day, but normal. 

I continued to watch him as my train arrived and I boarded, taking a seat next to the window. I had chosen a seat that gave me a clear view of the man, but that wouldn't make it too obvious that I was watching him.  He seemed to notice me regardless, turning and making full eye contact. 

He smiled at me then, and for the briefest of moments, his face was all wrong. His mouth seemed too wide, his teeth just slightly too many and too sharp for a normal person's.  His eyes appeared to flicker for just a second, blinking from green to red, then green again. 

My heart was pounding in my chest as I quickly looked away, reeling at what I'd seen. Had it been real, or just the imagination of an anxious mind? It was entirely possible, I thought, that he'd caught me staring and had just wanted me to stop, and my mind filled in the rest.  However, a deeper part of me knew that wasn't the case. The man was not right, not quite a man at all, but something else. Something that terrified me before I'd even realized what it was. 

He continued to stare at me as the train pulled out of the station, that not quite right smile plastered on his face.  It  still scares me to think about it, but I don't think I'll ever tell anyone I know. After all, who would believe me? 
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