Little Butterfly
A little insight into the name to start with. My dad has always called me his little butterfly ever since i can remember so thats why. My dad made me hidden room just for me in my room which he and i had spend alot of time in when i was little. He owns a garage shop and he makes the best looking cars. We both love musclecars and especialy the dodge charger rt from 1970. I in fact have one myself now just like my dad. This happened on the day i got that beautifull charger which is actualy at the time i'm writing this down 6 years ago. 

My bike was stolen so i called up my mom and asked her to come and get me. After about 30 minutes she arrived and i jumped into the car.

We hadnt even set off when my mom just said "your dad has to work another shift so he wont be home until late" to which  i just sighed and anwsered "so i cant go to the garage shop and start working on the camaro then". My mom just shook her head which made me feel even worse. During the drive though that changed when my mom told me this. "you're 16 for a few days now and your dad and i have been spending some time thinking about a good present for you" and she smiled at me. "uhm mom what is the surprise gonna be" and once again my mom just smiled and said "you'll see".

We arrived at home and as we opened up the house garage door and i saw a black dodge charger rt standining in the garage. "wait you said dad wasnt home" so i turned my head around to my mom and she was holding a key. "thats right because this is your car" and i just lost it and jumped around hugging my mom. "ok just wait till tomorrow so you can drive it first with your dad ok" to which i just nodded.

The day went on and my little half sister, who is 4 years younger then i am, just couldnt sit still so i was a little annoyed by her. My biological mom died giving birth to me due to complications so thats why i have a half sister and call her mom my mom.

We went to bed and i had a hard time faling asleep from the excitement of taking my dad out in my own car but ofcourse i dozed off in the end.

I woke up though from my half sister screaming at the top off her lungs. I ran to her room and saw her lying on the ground clearly in tons of pain. My mom then just burst through the door, picked her up and just told me "we're going to the hospital right now". It was then that i noticed the arm of my little half sister was contorted in a very weird way so i knew her arm was broken or worse. "i'll stay home and tell dad so he doesnt have to worry ok" and mom just nodded.

I opened my window in my room to let in some fresh air because it was a pretty warm night. After she was dressed they went off to the hospital so i just walked downstairs to the fridge for a beer. My dad is dutch and every time we were in holland to stay at his family for vacation i was always allowed to drink some low percentage beer.

I popped it open and saw that the front door still wasnt fixed. I sighed and just said "that thing is gonna drop right out the opening if that aint fixed within a few days".

As i put the beer on the little coffeetable near in the kitchen i heared a voice coming from the other side of the front door. "open up its daddy" and it did sound like my dad so i slowly walked to the front door saying "you do have keys you know dad". "just open it" sounded from the other side of the door but i knew now that wasnt my dad. My dad never talked like that to me and i noticed there a little distortion , a allmost demonic tone, in the voice. Then there was a bang on the door which startled me and i shouted "go away you're not my dad".

The banging then started again while whatever was behind the other side of the front door shouted "open up" over and over.

I could even see the door starting to crack to which i ran upstairs to my own room. There was a loud sound and i knew the door was busted and the creature that sounded like my dad was now inside. With my heart nearly trembling out of my chest all i could think of was going into my old hidden room. "come here give daddy a hug" and i just slammed the door to my hidden room, locked it and i heared running up the stairs followed by a sort of growl.

I grabbed my phone and texted my dad "daddy please come home there is something in here and i'm scared". No sooner as i had sent that message i heared "daddy only wants a hug" followed by what sounded like things being thrown around.

The phone vibrated in my hand and i saw my dad had sent a message saying "i'm on my way butterfly just hang on". "were are you" sounded from the other side of the door. I put my hands on my mouth and started crying which caused the phone to fall on the floor. Luckely it didnt seem to hear the falling of my phone through the sounds of everything in my room being thrown. The sounds of throwing stopped but then my phone vibrated making a loud sound which the creature clearly noticed. "there you are" and it sounded from right on the other side of the door.

I started sobbing even more, grabbing my phone and read the message from my dad. "i called the police and they are on their way now so hang on" and i sent a message back saying "daddy please its on the other side of the door please come fast, i'm so scared". Then the bangings on the door started.

The phone virbated again saying "i'm a few blocks away butterfly be brave". A growl was heared through the bangings was heared and i saw the door starting to crack. Fear had completely taken me over and cried my eyes out of fear. The only thought that went through my mind was how my dad was litteraly gonna be seconds to late to save me and was gonna find me dead in my own room. Then i heared the unmistakeable sound of a dodge charger rt and i jst lost my mind shouting "daddy i'm here daddy help me".

I saw a piece of the door break off and i could see a pale skinned creature with glowing yellow eye on the other side. My heart stopped at the sight of it but then i heared the voice of my dad scream "butterfly where are you". I then heard a loud growl followed by footsteps running on the stairs and rusling in my room.

Then police sirens could be heared and i saw through the hole in my door that my dad was standing in my room. I burst through the door and hugged my dad crying my eyes out. 

We went downstairs and i told everthing to the police but it was clear that they had a hard time believing me. My mom and half sister arrived later when the police had left and my mom only said "what on earth happened here". My dad explained everything i had told him to which my mom just said "well i guess she defenitely earned that beer this night". I slept in the bed of my dad and mom for a few weeks because i was to scared to sleep alone. Luckely the door in my room and front door were quickly replaced the day after all that happened. The creature never returned, which i'm very thankfull for and now that i live on my own i hope nothing that frightning ever happens again.
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