Well let me start by saying most people arent going to believe this. All I can say, is that it is as true as my memory of it, coming from my perspective. 

My husband and I went to visit my Mother for Thanksgiving. She lives on top of a mountain on several acres of National Forest. Basically, you wind all the way to the top, take a turn on a barely drivable road punched right through the woods. She spent years building a beautiful cabin where she resides still today.  Its like nothing you can describe really except one simple thing. Isolation. There arent two many folks up on that mountain and they like it that way. This is why Im not throwing out a location, and yes I know its convenient and for some will be frustrating. Im sorry, but for everyones best interest the location will have to stay anonymous. So at any rate, we absolutely loved spending holidays out there as you can imagine. On this particular occasion, it was Nov of 2010. We had built a campfire and were sitting around enjoying the sounds of the woods and telling stories. My Mother looks up and says "The craziest thing happened here recently. My neighbor called me and asked me to come over. She had something to show me. So when I went over my neighbor tells me, "So this morning I went to check on my deer cams. One of my cams was completely destroyed. The cam is in pieces but I managed to save the SIM card. First pic I got was a huge Buck. The second picture I got was this," as she shows my Mom this creature. My Mom said it was really pale with really long arms and legs. She said it looked like the flash of the deer cam made its eyes light up. She said it looked like it had no nose. She went on to say, "So. After that the neighbor, obviously freaked out, took the photo to the cops from the little town at the bottom of the mountain. They supposedly laughed in her face and said it was fake. Meanwhile the people in said town were starting to talk and make remarks about her being "crazy" and a "hoaxter". So then, she sends it to the state government no shit, and they told her it was a hoax. By this time she was getting so much crap about it, she just stopped talking about it all together. My Mom said the last she told her was that she had given the SIM card to her "drunk son in law". So now my husband and I are like "Holy shit no way!" Then my detective brain kicked on and so I grabbed my Mac Book and made a google search and came up with this a pic. I showed it to my Mom and she said "Omg thats it!"   So I did some more research and from what I can figure, the sim was initially sent in to a news station anonymously. Im thinking that was the son in law. Now for those who may not of heard, and to those who may of already guessed, Im talking about The Rake. Its a very interesting photo one way or another. Now. For the record. Im not saying this is real. Im saying THE STORY is real. Im saying that the photo is real, that as far as i believe, it was not photo shopped or faked. It was taken on a real cam, in the middle of the night, in the middle of hundeds of acres of national forest. Also, my Mom has lived there for 20 years and never has seen anything like this. So you decide for yourself, is this real? 
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