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I’m from a very small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything too abnormal until this year. I listen to your stories all the time and heard you were looking for stories specifically from canada and decided to finally speak up about my experiences. 

So almost every weekend my friend, we’ll all her Ericka, and I always go to the ski hill near here and work on our snowboarding skills. We usually go around 2pm so we have about 2 hours to snowboard before it gets too dark and cold out, since the sun usually sets around 4 here in the winter. About 2 months ago, we were doing this very thing and had a good day. The ski hill is about an hour from our town so by the time we had finished up, which was about 3:45pm, it was starting to get dimmer.

We hopped into my little car and started the drive back. About 45 minutes later we were getting close to home and it was already pretty dark outside. Our town is kind of in the middle of no where and everyone in canada knows Saskatchewan is very barren and flat, so it was a very vast, remote area and no one was on the highway.

The roads were bad that night due to fast winds so we had to slow down a lot on the highway and it was giving us both anxiety, as we’re both 17 and have never gotten into an accident, nor had we ever wanted to of course. At one point there was a very snowy part of the vacant highway and we had to slow down even more. That’s when a figure leapt out onto the road and stopped just at the edge of my headlights reach.

Ericka screamed and I gasped and held my breath as I slammed on the breaks, which caused us to fishtail a lot. I barely managed to control the vehicle but we came to a stop just in front of the figure.

I immediately looked to it and at first glance I truly thought it was just a deer. But as I took in more detail it just looked so wrong.

It was massive.

I’ve seen deer around here too many times to count, and I live in a hunting community so I just knew this wasn’t any normal deer from around here. It had long limbs and it’s antlers were really big. But not only were it’s limbs long, they were just so disfigures I guess? It’s hard to explain but it just looked like it was injured and I wasn’t sure how it just leapt out in front of us with ease. And like any normal deer around here would do at the sight of a vehicle, I expected it to run back into the ditch or something.. but it just stood there, not moving a muscle. Everything about the situation felt so wrong, and yes I know deer can be captivated in headlights and not move, but this creature showed no signs of fear.

It didn’t even look like it was breathing. It just stared at us with cold, dead eyes. It’s whole presence just felt evil and life threatening. It’s bones were jutting out from everywhere under its skin and it was so matted and some parts just looked a little decayed. Ericka and I didn’t say anything.

We couldn’t look away from the creature.

After what felt like 10 minutes, but was probably just 1, it just walked, not run or frolic, walked, back into the ditch in the Opposite direction It came from and disappeared to the other side of the trans can. Ericka and I exchanged looks and she was the first to say something.

“What the f*ck was that?” She said.

I didn’t know what to tell her. We talked about it on the rest of the way home and decided maybe it was just a weird intense deer that was just a first around here. Both of us do believe in cryptids, but I think it was for our own sanity you know? 

I thought that would be it, I’d never see it again, but unfortunately I was wrong.

Just about a week ago, my dad and I were playing around and exploring on our ski-doos just up by the north Saskatchewan River, and we had just gotten down to the bank to see if the ice was thick enough to ride on. My dad drove his ski-doo down first to test it and soon came back up onto the bank to ask if I wanted to go on the ice.

I refused since I was still very new to this and didn’t want to try yet.

He agreed and we decided to go along the bank more and explore some more. We soon came to some thicker threes and pines when we began to smell something a little off. It wasn’t very powerful but it also just smelled really bad. It was clearly something rotten or something but we were in a snowy area where everything was supposed to smell clean. My dad went a little further ahead than me and I thought maybe it was just a skunk or something I didn’t know about.

I slowly went ahead and followed my dads tracks and watched the trees a bit and that’s when I saw it again. That same creature walking in the same direction I was headed. It was pretty far back in the trees but you could still tell how massive this thing was.

All the features from the 2 months before were still present, if not a little more worsened. It didn’t do anything but walked off further back into the trees in a weird waddle and I haven’t seen it since then.

Ericka and I have told our closest friends and I don’t think they believe us, but I really want to know what this thing is. I do know a basic amount of things about cryptids and whatever but is this just some kind of normal deer or what? I’ve heard a few stories on this channel previously that sounded a lot like what I witnessed and maybe it’s the same thing? I have no idea if I should be concerned or just continue to try and tell myself it’s just some weird ass mutated deer. 

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