I was 14 when this happened. My family and I went on a camping trip for a weekend. We asked my dad if we could go explore, and by we I mean my brother and I. We walked for at least a half an hour but then we stopped cause my brother said.

Look there, I looked and there was a wide opening in the trees. I said that we should go take a look and my brother said ya sure.

We got to the wide opening and We instantly heard a loud screem come from the other side of the opening, it was like nothing I'd ever heard. My brother grabbed me and began to run.

We got back to camp and my parents asked us what was wrong but we just said that we were racing. That night when everyone went to bed, I got up grabbed a flashlight and started walking towards the opening. I wanted to see what made that noise, and boy did I. I got at the opening and turned my flashlight of cause I heard something running.

It was big and fast. And then the moonlight lit up this small area and I could see something standing in the middle of the opening.

It was a long white thing.

It looked humanoid but it was way taller than a average human maby 7,8 feet tall. It held something in its hand, it was a dear. I wanted to scream of the sight. Just as I wanted to scream my brother grabbed me and said shh but that gave me a fright so I screamed. The thing looked at us and it began to smile.

Then it spoke to us, saying: I can see you, now that I saw you I want to taste you. My brother ran back to the camp sight and yelled to wake my mom and dad up. He said we have to go now. My brother grabbed the car keys and said he would explain later.

We got into the car and drove out of those woods. I looked back one more time and saw that thing standing there waving at me and then it smiled and tooled its finger to its mouth jesters that I should be quite. Than it just walked back into the woods never to be seen again. I don't know what we saw but I am never going camping again.

My brother explained to my parents what we saw but they didn't believe him. I wish it could end there but the next day my brother and dad went back to fetch our stuff but when they got there. There here dear everywhere. Blood and stuff all over the camping gear. They got everything they can that didn't have blood on it but then they heard loud and heavy laughing in the distance, coming closer and closer.

They got in the car and drove home we haven't gone camping in a long time.
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