This happened quite a few years ago but it's is something I will never forget as long as I live. About eleven pm on a normal night I was laying in bed listening to an AM radio talk show. Suddenly I felt what felt like someone budling up a blanket and throwing it on top of my feet. Before I could react or even realize something was wrong I felt someone.. or something climb on top of me. 

Only seconds had passed but it seemed much longer.  Whatever it was it slowly made it's way up to my waist and stopped.  Mostly from bewilderment, I reached out from under the covers since I always sleep on my side and with my arms covered up. I reached out and felt what felt like a human figure. I could clearly feel a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. For again a few seconds felt like minutes I laid there trying to wake up from a dream until I realized I had not been asleep and I was very much awake. 

Not knowing now what to do I played there motionless waiting! for whatever this was to make another move. After a  couple of minutes, this thing moved and I felt the weight lift off of me.

The strange part of this was I felt it lean toward the wall since my twin bed was pushed up against the wall.  Laying there about ten seconds I finally got the nerve and threw the covers back off my bed and stood up pulling the light chain on my ceiling fan.  Looking around my small room hoping I would find someone standing in my room and dreading that I would. The room was empty I looked over at my bedroom door and it was locked from the inside and can only be locked and unlocked from the inside. 

I unlocked the door ad looked out into the hallway. Nothing but darkness. I knew the front door and the back door was locked each night before bed. Since I live alone I have no explanation as to what that was. I have thought many times since then about that night, Knowing 100% that I was still awake that night have never figured out who or what my visitor was that night and I may never know!
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