I was at my grandmother's house one weekend, trying to get sleep. That night I had a dream. I was in a ghost town, old and decrepit. I saw no people at all other than me. I walked down a pathway leading past a cemetery into and through the middle of the old town. To my left was a row of old rotting houses, with broken shutters and rusted door handles. To my right, was a relatively small cemetary, with old tombstones covered in moss. In front of me was an old mossy fountain that wasn't running in the center of town. As I walked towards the fountain, I looked into the windows of a few houses. Well, I guess "tried" is a better term, as they were all grossly dusty and cracked. I turned my head right and saw a creature standing in the cemetery beside me. It was seemingly hiding behind a tombstone, barely visible. I stopped for a second, then continued a bit faster, away from the cemetery gates. When I turned once again to look, it was gone. I turned again towards the houses and was met face to face with the creature. It was about my size, just a little taller, humanoid, and covered in what looked to be moss. It had red glowing eyes not unlike that of moth man, and its flesh was rotting off in chunks leaving behind maggot-filled pus covered holes. It snarled and growled as it lunged at me, and I turned around to run, but as I did, I woke up in a cold sweat. I forgot about it almost entirely telling myself it wouldnt happen twice, and then fell asleep, still covered in sweat.
I then entered the second dream of that night. It was the same town, still covered in fog, but a different part of it this time. I believe it was the other side of the cemetary now. I panicked for a few minutes before I got ahold of myself and said rationally that it was not mathematically possible to have the same dream as before, in the same town as before. I took that excuse and strolled down the street again, hoping that I would get a nice version this go around. I was obviously very wrong. Lulling myself into a false sense of security just ended in another scare as I turned a corner to see not only the creature from before, but hundreds more like it. I turned to run and woke up again. I was sweating even more than before, and thought over my situation. I once again thought that it was basically impossible to have the same dream a third time and decided to try to sleep again. Boy was I happy to see... the same dang town again. Once again I saw a different part of the town and once again I saw many more of these zombie-esc creatures. This continued a bit more on repeat until I gave up entirely and made my first rational thought that night. Take a shower and stay awake. Turns out it was still about midnight after all of this somehow, so I took a shower, stayed awake, and saw my grandma the next morning. She noticed how tired I seemed from my seconds of restless sleep, and she asked me about it. I told her later but I still never mentioned that night fully, because I assumed it was a hallucination from lack of sleep, but that night, as I lay awake in bed watching videos, hoping it would all go away next night, I heard the familiar creaks of her slightly old house, and I swear for all I'm worth as a human being, I heard a growl from the closet behind me.
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