Late, October around the wet season in the Caribbean, me and a couple friends of mine went to a villa next to a cave. To be honest it was kinda creepy. Many locals said that the area was haunted but we didn't take this into consideration. The villa had no electricity so we had to rely on a lamp and the light of our phones. So we all got bored a decide to play a game of truth of dare. It was a stormy night. We had fun then all of a sudden all the candles outed and phones stopped working.It was pitched dark. Then I felt a burning sensation all over my body almost as if someone had bitten me. so then lucky one of my friends had a glow stick. when they flashed the glow stick on my back there was bite marks all over me. So we got pretty scared then. All of a sudden the candles lit up and there was the word 'Please F off on my property' written on the wall. As we were about to leave all the doors locked and we became trapped. The furniture was flying all over the room. A chair hit my friend point blank in the the eye and it was bleeding and he could not see. After countless hours of trying to escape we manged to escape. We were run out in the middle a storm.After that experience the area became a danger zone because many people had already complained about it.
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