{If anyone has any answers or at least a guess, please let me know. The closest thing I can come up with is an out of body experience, but I doubt it.}
I've heard things about how you can't make up faces you've never seen before in your dreams, but that it is possible to make up locations. However, I'm curious about dreaming about real locations that you've never seen before.
I usually have about five reoccurring dreams that continue from where they left off. One of which I was trick or treating in a cul-de-sac with my family and a couple friends. At the end of the road was a one story, brick, apartment. No one answered in the front, so we went around to the back. I don't remember what object was there, but everyone else feared for their lives and ran. However, I stayed behind. Until a big figure stepped closer and I ran too. We left the cul-de-sac and the dream never continued.
I didn't think anything else of the dream for a couple of years. A few years ago I went on Google maps to find where we were getting a Laser Mania. I accidentally clicked on the wrong street and street view showed a neighborhood. It was the exact one I saw in my dreams. I like to entertain the idea of the supernatural, but at the end of the day I don't buy it. So I asked my mom if we went trick or treating there before: we hadn't. Any friends I visited there: no. Have you seen it before in your life: she hadn't. She eventually got annoyed by all my questions and didn't want to hear anymore. Same responses with my dad and brother.
One day I was with my mom in town and saw we were close to the neighborhood, so I asked if we could drive down it. She agreed, and I didn't recognize anything until we turned onto Elmwood. It felt just as homey as the street I grew up on. I asked if being here rung as many bells for her as it did me: not at all. I'm getting my license soon and that's the first place I'm going.
{Here's the street in case you want pictures: 1334 Elmwood Cir, Twin Falls, Idaho}
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