Alexandra Skeleton Skelly

My  friend  and  I,  lets  call  her  Kasper,  would  always  hang  out  on  weekends.  We  were  both  15  at  the  time. 

Now  I  was  not  the  best  of  influences  but  she  wasn't  either.  We  were  always  getting  ourselves  in  trouble.  We  had previously  got  into  the  habit  of  sneaking  out  when  my  father  had  left  for  work.  He  would  leave  at  10pm.  We  would goof  off  for  2  hours  and  then  we  would  leave.  I  had  always  got  anxiety  about  doing  this.  I  loved  the  night  and  I  figured  since  I  had  my  friend  with  me  I  would  be  fine.  Our  walk  started  out  pretty  normal.  We  would  walk  back  roads  to  avoid  any  chances  of  being  caught.

We  were  a  street  over  from  my  house  and  there  was  a  car  sitting  out  by  the  road  with  their  headlights  on.  Usually  this  would  be  a  normal  occurrence,  but  it  was  2  am  and  the  fact  that  the  street  lights  over  head  were  off.  We  moved  to  the  over  side  of  the  street  and  increased  out  pace.  Kas  whispered  in  my  ear  "do  hand  signs  so  they  thing  were  deaf"  I  thought  that  this  was  a  dumb  idea.  How  would  that  stop  anyone  from  kidapping  or  murder  us?  I  acted  like  I  was  looking  at  a  tree  across  the  street  but  I  peered  behind  me  and  saw  that  the  person  had  gotten  out  of  the  car  and  started  slowly  walking  behind us.  The  headlights  of  the  car  were  still  on  so  I  couldn't  make  out  any  facial  features.  It  looked  like  a  tall  black  shadow.  I  mumbled  to  my  friend  "They're  following"  She  tilted  her  head  down  and  walked  faster.  I  kept  up  my  pace  with  her  but  kept  my  head  up  and  looked  behind me  again.  Once  they  saw  me  look  at  them  and  stopped  in  their  tracks  and  bloated  back to  their  car.

We  started  to  prepare  to  turn  down  from  the  main  road  to  trick  the  figure,  but  looking  back  at  it  now that  was  a  pretty  dumb  idea.   The  car  screeched  past  us  as  a  deep  male  voice  screamed  "you're  dead  little  girl"  I  froze  in  place  as  Kasper  turned  the  other  way  and  bolted.  I  watched  the  car  as  it  started  to  turn  around.  I  ran  past  her  and  grabbed  her  hand  and  threw  her  into  a  nearby  bush  and  I  crouched  down  next  to  her.  I  lowered  myself  to  her  ear  and  told  her  to  go  back  the  other  way  and  go  to  the  7-11  which  was  just  back  the  other  way. 

When  the  car  passed  we  sprinted  all  the  way  there  and  ran  inside.  They  employee  was  confused  but  was  distracted  by  another  person  entering  the  store.  He  was  tall  and  a  ghostly  pale.  He  had  wide  eyes,  His  eyes  appeared  to  be  black.  His  hair  was  dirty,  cleary  not  washed  in  days.  It  was  to  the  point  where  you  could  see  dirt  flakes  in  his  brown  hair.  His  clothes  were  ripped  and  covered  in  dirt  and  there  were  clear  scratches  on  his  arms  and  neck.  We  were  catching  our  breath  when  I  looked  up  at  the  strange  man,  He  was  looking  dead  at  me.  You  could  clearly  see the  evil  in  his  eyes.  In  the  same  deep  creepy  voice  we  heard  from  the  car  he  said  "Shouldn't  be  out  this  late  little  lady.  Its.."  he  paused and slowly laughed. "dangerous"  i immediately knew that this was the guy who had chased us. I noticed that his teeth were grey and oddly sharp but not to the point of being anything supernatural. He bought some cigarettes and before he left the store he winked at me. I watched as he got into his car and head towards the way of my house, waving to us as he drove down the road, sending chills down up my spine. We bought some water and sat outside for about a half hour before we finally decided what to do. 

We walked a different way to my house. A longer way but safer. We were about a minute from our house when a previously parked car's headlights turned on behind us. I ran not looking back for a second. I hopped over the neighbors fence and I saw Kasper do the same. I felt bad thinking that the neighbor would be targeted but it was just quick thinking. We hopped the fence into my backyard and I let her in the house first. I went back and peered around the corner and saw the car in front of the neighbors. I quickly went inside and tried my best to fall asleep. I don't leave the house at night anymore but even during the day, i'll still see his car.

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