What happens when the teens are left at home and the parents are gone for the night? Not what you would expect...

One stormy evening around mid-April, a girl and her younger sister were home alone. Their parents had decided to go out for a late anniversary dinner after work and left them alone.

Around 9pm, the power had gone out and the generators only supported the phone lines and some of the home appliances. At 10pm, there was a loud creak from the front door opening downstairs in the foyer. The girls were already in bed, and just assumed that it was their parents getting home earlier than expected, since they weren't due home until 11:30. The older sister yelled down for them to quiet down, since they had been making a lot of noise downstairs.

The girls stepped out of their rooms and stood at the top of the stairs that overlooked the whole first floor. Around eleven, there had still been no movement from downstairs, so the girls called out to see if their parents were coming upstairs. The girls heard a faint rustling sound and saw two figures walk from the living room into the dining room. At this point, the girls just assumed that they must've been a little drunk from dinner and drinks, and they didn't think anything of it.

Around midnight, the older sister's bedroom phone rang and she peered at it though the dark. She picked up the phone and said hesitantly, "Hello?" " "Hi honey", her mom said. "I'm sorry we are running late from dinner, we had to stop for gas on the way home." They both heard a faint "click" on the other line.

The daughter said, "You're not home? I just saw you and dad walking around downstairs." There was a moment of silence, and the mom said "tell you sister just to talk on the phone instead of listening in on another phone." "Umm, she's in the room with me right now, she hasn't touched the phone." The mom said, "grab your sister and get out of the house, we will be home soon." The mom hung up and called the police. About ten minutes later, the police showed up and caught two males hiding behind the door in the storage room inside the guest bedroom.

Found in their possession were two rolls of duct tape, a camera and a folding knife. The police said that two men must've been living in the storage area for months due to the food wrappers, blankets, and the immense photos of the girls in the rooms alone. END.

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Is this true???
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Reba Petro
That's scary, glad the mom call police.
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