This experience happened to me last October on Halloween. I have been looking for the right place to anonymously share it, and I chose this website.
At least in my neighborhood, it is an unspoken rule that Trick or Treating ends at 10:00. Usually, the kids walking around come at different times depending on their age. The cute little 4 - 7 year olds' come earliest, when it is still light out. They are probably my favorite. Then comes the older kids, they are kinda awkward and silly. Finally comes the kids who are a bit self-conscious about still trick or treating. Freshman and Sophomores usually. They are the best for pranking, so I enjoy that a lot.

Anyways, last Halloween died down around 9:50 pm, and I retired to my couch with the left over candy. Outside, the sound of kids faded as they deserted the streets one by one, signaling the end of Halloween.  I fell asleep around midnight, the surrounding area a graveyard of jolly rancher wrappers and lollipop sticks. I woke up suddenly to a timid rap on the door.

I sat up, half asleep. I am pretty sure I asked who it was, but my mind was too foggy to be sure. The next knock was much louder and shook the cobwebs from my brain. I jumped off the couch and cautiously approached the door. Through the peephole I saw a small boy wearing a surprisingly authentic looking classical suit. It was perfectly ironed and inky black. His face was pale and smooth, with a vibrant blush in his rounded cheeks. The most stunning part, however, was his bright blue eyes. They were piercing almost.

I opened the door, and greeted the kid. I asked him what he was doing up so late, and where his parents were. He replied that he was hungry and wanted candy. Ignoring my second question. I hesitantly brought the candy bowl to him. He fished through the candy and dug his hand to the bottom. He felt around for a while, never looking into the bowl. I found this odd, but didn’t say anything.  

All of a sudden the kid screamed and pulled his hand out of the bowl. It was bleeding fiercely. I freaked out and grabbed paper towels and tried to wipe away the blood. But the kid kept screaming and slapping my hand away. He gave me a haunting accusing stare with those deep blue eyes.  

He pointed at me and yelled with tears running down his cheeks. He yelled that I tried, but now I’ll pay. I had no idea what he was trying to say. I then noticed there was a fishhook stuck in the boy’s hand, and at that moment I thought this was a ruse to pin me for trying to harm a kid, so some desperate family could sue me for money. But the kid kept screaming and bleeding an inhuman amount. 

His eyes went wide and he started screaming even more frantically. He grabbed his arms and swatted all over his body like there were bees attacking him. I watched in horror as fishhooks protruded everywhere from his body. My porch was now a puddle of blood. I slammed the door, and within a few minutes the screaming ended. I wondered how no one had heard the kid screaming, and I hoped desperately that it was all some twisted hallucination.

I fell asleep much later that night. When I woke up, I felt extremely refreshed. The sun was shining brightly, it seemed like a good morning. The events of the previous night were just a vague memory. Like a dream. In fact, I am almost convinced it was one.When I stepped outside, there was no puddle of blood. None of the neighbors said anything about hearing a screaming child in the middle of the night. 

But there is one thing that keeps me from setting it aside as a dream. Halfway through the day I realized that I had been clutching something in my hand. When I looked, it was a small rusty fishhook. 

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Now that's a creepy tale. 
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The DarkEntity
Wow, spooky!
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Reba Petro
That would be scary. I hope it was just a dream.
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Dang. That's freaky. I hope Darkness uses this one. The title would make a great video name.
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Avery Ann Jones A jone
That's  spooktasic 👻
Avery jones 
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