Zenia Eriksen Zanna

My story begins when I was sixteen and lived by myself. I was given a very old bible, a 200 year old one to be exact. My mom found it and as I love books she gave it to me when I asked her. She had never felt any malicious spirits from it. 

The women in my family has the ability to see and feel spirits, so it’s normal for me to feel spirits around me. It’s rare for me to see them but when I do it always scare me. 

However, the spirit that had attached itself to the bible scared me senseless. He started shutting the door to my bathroom in the middle of the night. Then he turned the water on and off.

I lost my dad a year prior and just thought it was him messing with me but as I had some crystals that repel malicious spirits in each corner of my living room/bedroom, it couldn’t be my dad because I would feel him in my living room/bedroom and the malicious spirit in the hallway and bathroom.

The activities continued getting worse and I would get more and more scared, my best friend would feel him to when she stayed over. I witnessed a lot of shit in that apartment but I remember the first time I saw the spirit like it was yesterday.

I was laying in my bed, the only light in my flat coming from my phone as I was watching YouTube. The bible was on my bookshelf with all of my other books, I suddenly got a weird frightening feeling deep in my gut. 

I glanced around the room and there he was, standing in the doorway to my bedroom. He was about 6 foot 4. I could only see him waist up, he was wearing a black cassock and a white ruff.

His face was as white as the ruff with black circles around his eyes, I didn’t know what to do. He stared at me with an angry expression, his head was facing the flood but his eyes were staring me down like I f-end every boy in town. (Side note: I hadn’t lost my virginity at the time so I couldn’t understand why he was so angry)

I hurried to turn on the light and he disappeared as soon as it lit up the room, I curled up in the of my bed and cried a little bit. I had never been so scared before. 

My heart pounded like crazy and I didn’t sleep that night at all. 

The next day in school my best friend looked concerned at me and asked if I had slept at all and I broke down telling her what I had seen. She first looked at me like I was crazy but then she sighed and told me she also had felt something in my apartment but didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want to scare me.

Again I lived alone, so nobody could help me.

My best friend told me I could sleep at her place, but I told her I it didn’t matter I had to go home eventually even though I was way to scared to. 

I called my mother and told her what happened, she didn’t believe me but I told her she could have the bible back and that I was to scared to have it in my home any longer.

However, even though I had given the bible back to my mom the priest showed himself regularly over the next 4 years. I finally decided to move and was glad that when he hadn’t followed me.

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