Keep in mind thisis from the perspective of a 14 year old kid, now where do I start, my name is Brandon and I used to live in Woodbridge Virginia before I moved out of state, I lived in a small neighborhood and I had a small group of friends and we were all very close. One day we all decided to go and visit an abandoned house that was up the road from our neighborhood and we all walked up, me and my other friend, I’ll call him Daniel for this story, we had found metal pipes and we thought it would be good to bring them along Incase we came in contact with an animal or something. Now that that’s out of the way... time for where things get creepy, we get to the house and we kick the door open, me and Daniel being the only ones with protection, we walk in first. Our other friend, I’ll call him jay, walks in close behind. We hear a noise but we’re not bothered by it, I say we because we all heard it and looked at eachother. I go and check upstairs with jay while Daniels stays downstairs checking to see if he finds a souvenir. I’m the brave one in the group and I go and check all the rooms finding nothing, but in the last one which appeared to be the biggest room there was a chair in the middle. Me and jay were very confused by this and I kick the chair and make a joke about how it opens up the room, then we hear scratching in the roof and a small growl, not a normal animal growl it sounds like a mix of human and wolf growling and it scared us both to the point where we run downstairs and say we gotta go and we leave. The worst part is we all gradually move out of the neighborhood because none of us could sleep because of scratching and noises outside our windows at night, I know it sounds crazy but I swear until I moved I never got a good nights sleep because I wonder what would’ve happened if we decided to check what growled at me and jay that day. My name is Brandon and I just wanted to put my story out there to see if anyone has had a similar experience
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