Loketha Angel
I'm a 30 year old woman who listens to your podcasts on Spotify nearly everyday while I work. Im always creeped out or intrigued bt the stories you narrate. I figured it would be best to tell you, since my family wont believe me.

2 weeks ago, my husband, daughter, and I made a long 5 hour trip to Hawley Lake on the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona. My daughter didnt want to go for some reason, and being only 2, her protests fell on deaf ears. She had been physically ill throughout the week, and I should have taken that as a sign. What's more is she was physically ill on the way up north, but I still ignored the sign, attributing it to the winding roads in the canyon.

We were meeting some family for a little get-a-way in the woods. My grandparents rented a cabin by the lake where my small family, father and girlfriend, aunt and uncle, grandparents, and great grandmother all stayed for a few days. The first day seemed promising and was uneventful. That night, however, things changed.

We layed down around 8 pm - the three of us sharing a bed. We laughed and giggled, talking and playing until we three fell asleep. I woke up at around midnight to the sound of something metallic. The room was pitch black and near silent save the snores of my husband. I peeked through the window and saw nothing; the moon and stars were not visible.

I decided to walk downstairs and step out onto the porch, to get some fresh air. As I stood on the porch, again, the sound of something metallic came to sound. I searched the night but saw nothing. Everything seemed still and peaceful, I figured it to be my imagination, that is, until I heard the growl.

I turned towards the lake and the growl seemed to grow deeper, more menacing. At first I saw nothing, but then I saw two orange orbs near a tree.

Now I should mention there are cows that graze the fields near the lake. When I told my family of the events, they brushed it off as cows on a late night graze.

I have never heard a cow growl before. 

After seeing the orbs I rushed inside and was sick to my stomach. This was just the first night.

The second day, as I mentioned, I told my family and they ignored it. Everything seemed fine, save that I couldn't eat or drink anything. My husband spent most of the day by the lake, and my daughter played Doc McStuffins to my sudden sickness.

That night, my husband who is generally a gentle soul, became angry and impatient. My daughter was crying most the night, and even my grandfather was short tempered. Everyone seemed on edge, and I was still grossly sick to my stomach.

Unable to fall asleep as everyone slowly drifted, I again found myself on the porch. It was earlier, about 10 p.m. or so, but again it was pitch dark. I was sitting on the stairs waiting for another wave of nausea to pass when I heard the growl again. This time, the orbs that accompanied the growl were closer. 

I could make out a body attached to the orbs. I have a horrible sense of measure so I am not sure how tall it was, but it was taller than the sign that said "do no drive off road." It was on two legs but was hunched over enough that the arms were almost touching the ground. There were spikes or spines coming from the back. Beyond that, I couldn't see much more. 

I heard the growl again, followed by a screech akin to someone choking on water. I was so terrified I couldn't move. When it growled again, I finally was able to run back inside and to my bedroom. 

While trembling in the bed, contemplating what I had seen, my daughter spoke.

Again, she is 2 and words are not her friends; but she said as clear as you or I "I said so. I said no. You not listen."

I flipped on the light waking my husband, my daughter still sleeping. I knew then we had to leave.

So at 230 in the morning, we loaded our truck and left as quickly as possible.

When I spoke to my grandparents the next day, lying to them that I was simply too sick to stay, they confided that their grill had been deatroyed in the night. My father stated his rental had three deep scratches along the passenger side and a tree had been downed near the cabin.

They again blamed midnight cows, but I know. I know it was that creature. That creature in the night.

What seemed to set this theory even more in stone, once we were off the reservations and back in our local county, my sickness was gone. My daughter slept and my husbands anger was gone.

Whatever is up there, beware. It affected us all in different ways. Only my daughter seemed to know before we went.
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