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In the mid-'80s, my Mama worked at my school (in a different class than me) I was in the nursery. To get to school she always took a short cut over the Heath. About 2 weeks earlier, a local girl in her late teens who my family vaguely knew went missing; the last time someone saw her she was over the Heath. Mama said she wasn't that concerned by this as she practically grew up over there, it was summer in the middle of the day, and the route she took was quite busy with other people walking their dogs and golf balling.
One day Mama set off, halfway to school she stopped thinking she was being stared at, she looked over her shoulder, and at the top of the small hill she had just walked down was a big tall man in bikers leathers and helmet, she said she couldn't see his face but she had the uneasy feeling that he had been watching her for some time. She said it was funny because she hadn't seen him coming down the hill, but there was a heavily wooded area opposite the hill and Mama said she thought he might have walked through there, that would explain why she hadn't seen him before.
Mama said she felt uneasy by his stillness and interest so she walked a little faster and soon there was a healthy distance between her and the stranger. On the way home later that day she decided to get the bus home instead of walking.
A week later the body of the teenage girl was discovered by a dog walker, in the same wooded area opposite the hill where the strange biker man had been watching Mama. There was a police search and they appealed for information and witnesses, Mama contacted them and made a statement telling them about the mystery man on the hill. The police never did solve the murder of the poor local girl, and Mama never walked that way to work again.
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